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In what ways did you defy death before Covid?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) June 1st, 2020

Congratulations on your success!

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It’s a long, long story.

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@josie- Give me a paragraph from chapter 53, please.

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A blue light would protect me when I did something stupid that endangered my life.
From falling though the ice on a river to screwing around with electricity.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I learned my lesson with electricity a long time ago but still walk on the ice on occasion.

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@lucillelucillelucille I am glad that I did not melt tin and zinc in the oven for kicks. I am trustworthy enough to wait till I have a garage later in life. I found a list of metals with low melting points and tin and or zinc will melt in a residential neighborhood oven.
30 years ago I tried to melt copper pennies in the stove top and melted sugar and salt. Turned into glass and lots of smoke. Had to toss the frying pan in the garbage after cooling off in the backyard snowbank.

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I have years of dumb shit I’ve lived through. I don’t know how I’m here.

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@RedDeerGuy1 -I have bags of both those metals (among many others) in my studio.
I use them to make ceramic glazes and the experiments are a lot of fun!
Lately, I’ve been experimenting with zinc based glazes like the one on that mug, to get these effects.

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@Coolhandluke -Ever zap yourself on an electric fence?Me either hahaha

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In my preschool years I drove my Dad’s car while standing on his lap.
My brother and I would squeeze between the rear window and rear backseat deck while my parents drove.
In my elementary school years I bought fireworks from the ice cream man and blew up more stuff than the Army and NASA.
In my college years I might have tried some herbal inhalant a few times.
In my adult years I participated in all kinds of science experiments involving high voltage, high energy, and/or high velocities
In my 60s now…This morning I skipped my Vitamin D supplement and had bacon at breakfast and lunch.

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@LuckyGuy -Ha ha! Vitamin D for Danger!
You’re still kicking some ass!

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Just going to work is a life and death experience for a transport driver, people seem to think 83feet, and 63.5 metric tons can stop like a sports car.

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@SQUEEKY2 – What is “air ride”?

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The cab of the truck is mounted on air bags that connect to the frame of the truck, so the cab rides on these air bags giving a more cushin type ride.

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@SQUEEKY2 -So you have regular shocks, plus that. Make sense for the long haul.
Now I have to see what that looks like..
I looked at a few images and the first ones were of lowriders, then larger trucks.

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@lucillelucillelucille Also, I have 2 adult children. That means I had unprotected sex at least twice in my life. (And enjoyed it both times.)

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@LuckyGuy – Danger +Fun = Dun!
idk what that means XD

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Age 3: Tried to plug a lamp into an extension cord. It was tight. I held the extension cord with both hands, and the lamp plug with my teeth. My teeth slipped, and gripped the exposed prongs, which held me in place until my mom came looking for me.
Electric fences have nothing on household current in your mouth. I know, because my mom let the fence wire slip off the stick right while I was crossing under.
Age seven: messing around by the pond with my brother. We saw a broken wood handle sticking out of the water near the edge. Right next to it was a spill tube which went straight down twenty feet to keep the pond from flooding across the road to the fields. I said, “hey, a pirate buried treasure here, and broken his shovel. Let’s dig it up. We both gripped the broken handle, and lifted a big scoop of slime. It was actually a pitchfork, with mud, moss, and several snakes entwined. We ran so fast our asses be eat us back to the house.
Age 8: encountered a water moccasin while walking alone. Afraid to turn my back to it, I got a stick to kill it. It slithered a couple of feet to the creek, and it’s head popped up, like a cobra in a basket. I’m pretty sure I killed it, but when it went under and didn’t come back up, I was afraid to drag the bottom to check. We fought at least a half hour. I had such a tight grip on the stick, as I ran away I couldn’t toss it. I had to pry my fingers loose from it.
Age 9: just sat for breakfast and heard a terrible crash. We ran upstairs, and saw a huge pile of bricks all over my bed. There was a gaping hole in the ceiling. My mom said they must have left extras in the attic from the chimney. Ten minutes sooner I’d have been bean dip. I always thought it suspicious that it was centered entirely over my bed, and nowhere else.
Age 12: A man in a car stopped in front of me as I was crossing a street. He asked for directions to the library. He started fondling himself in front of me. I backed away so I couldn’t see his shrivel worm, and gave him directions. He drove away and I finished delivering my papers.
Age 15: The state of Illinois gave me a learners permit, valid for a year. Scared the begeezus out of my mom driving to Oklahoma to find a new home.
Cat and mouse on the freeway with a car packed with either college guys, or stoners hoping to become a famous rock band. We went back and forth between fifty and eighty passing each other. The scary part was when we got to OK City. I’m on the beltway, or wrap around, or whatever it is called there. Dad was driving a pickup with my brothers, and I was driving the Valiant with my mom. Dad gave directions on the CB where he’d found a storage unit. All the sudden, the gas pedal goes flat to the floor, and we are gaining speed on a freeway full of traffic. I tried lifting it with my foot, but it was just floppy. I take an exit, run a red light doing a Louie, and hit the ramp back on the other direction, which is uphill. I turn off the ignition and muscle it to the side as it coasts to a stop. My mom was no help. She was snow white and pissed herself. I got dad on the CB, and told him where we were stuck. Apparently there is a spring attached somewhere to the accelerator, and one end had popped off. He actually told me he was impressed I didn’t wreck. That part was cool.

So that covers the first quarter of my life. The rest is much more dangerous.

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@Patty_Melt -I’d say your driving skills are PDG!
Water moccasins and deviants in cars are familiar to me too.

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Wow. That’s a list. I guess one of the weirdest ones was when I was about 10. We found a spot in the woods where grape vines had grown over everything. We found if we climbed a tree we could jump off and land on the vines like a trapeze net. Not sure what gave us the idea. I guess the most recent one that everyone seems to think was nuts was taking down trees. When I was concerned about where they might fall, I would climb the tree (no gear…just freestyle), saw off all the limbs until I had a 20’ stump, and then cut it down. At my age that does seem a bit odd. I also notice the two examples I gave involve climbing trees. Guess my inner monkey is shining through.

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@seawulf575 -That still sounds like a good idea.XD
I didn’t really start climbing trees until I was in my 30’s.

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I was on a jog. A newer model pickup truck ran the stop and straight into me. I jumped straight up with my feet landing on his bumper. He took me into crisscrossing traffic and finally stopped in the middle of the intersection. I looked straight into his eyes, and he looked at me as if it was my fault. Talk about a paradigm shift. No one was injured.

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