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Do you eat what you catch?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34046points) 1 month ago

While fishing or playing baseball. You pick.

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Yes. Back in the days. I love trout and Jackfish.

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@RedDeerGuy1 – I had to look up jackfish. We call them pike here.
I love walleye and perch.

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I don’t fish.

But I don’t eat the mosquitos that I catch and kill, either.

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Like “white tail?” Yes, sure do.

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Yes, unless it’s bass or catfish. Mainly perch, bluegill and if lucky, walleye.

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@elbanditoroso – Now that’s some self control, right there! :)

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The neighborhood fox family eats all the mice and squirrels I “catch”.

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@LuckyGuy Like an outdoor cafe? Are you able to get any good photos of them?

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I caught a cold once. I didn’t like it cold, so I got a fever to heat it up.

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@lucillelucillelucille Sure, I get about 100–200 photos per night from my trail cameras in infrared black and white. I wish they would come earlier in the day but, alas, they are wild animals and beyond my control.

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@LuckyGuy -That’s pretty cool!
I’ve only ever seen them during the day. The last one was in my neighbor’s garbage. Not the best photo op but my husband took one that I’d like to do a painting from one day. I think they are beautiful.

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If it is a decent sized walleye, yes.
Grilled, in a fish taco.
Suddenly, I have the urge to head to Lake Erie.

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@josie -Do you use a planer board to catch them?

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I sometimes eat it metaphorically when I try to catch a wave.

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@lucillelucillelucille While that looks fun and there were, in fact, some boogies involved, it was, in feeling, closer to this

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@josie if you go, say hi to the old gang for me!

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I have tried being vegan. I lived off the Bible diet for years. I do enjoy a steak and potato. I have eaten birds that I personally birddogged (I was the dog) for my uncles. I have taken and eaten a chicken egg or two in the past. I have caught an occasional catfish or two- usually more- baked and eaten them. I am vegan; I am just not very good at it.

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I like to cook.

So I am curious.

Just what is the Bible diet?

Did they publish a cookbook?

What was it like being a dog?

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@josie Once a dog, always a dog? My uncles laughingly said, ” are a good dog!” Bible diet? Old Testament : Leviticus. Good stuff, but sometimes ruff ruff!

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Well, I am not sure I know more than I did, but OK.

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“Yes I’m a vegan. Yes I eat meat. Yes we do exist.”

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