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How would you end these protests?

Asked by filmfann (47233points) 1 month ago

What specific actions would be effective?

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Police as well as citizens of any country could learn from this Cop…..

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An injustice was perpetrated on an innocent person .

Address that and “Listen” and then repeat back what you heard.

Understanding is the first step in negotiations.( and conveying that understanding).

Reassuring that all will be heard in a Court of Law and the unjust will be prosecuted.

It may be best to take the trial to another unbiased State.

The protests are coming after an intense isolation which bottled up feelings of frustration and this unjust act was the match that stoked the flames of anger and unrest bringing back memories of the past injustices (Racism).

Understanding from where this anger is coming from helps to restore peace and the necessary steps in order to maintain that peace as well.

As for outsiders attending and adding fuel to the fires of anger , perhaps closing off the entrance into that area would deter some.

Those that are repeat offenders bent on destruction should be “micro-chipped” or monitored at all times until there behavior becomes more civil?

This was mentioned in the book “1984’ and it looks like this prophecy is about to happen?
We already have street cameras, drones, cellphone tracking etc

It is very unfortunate that humanity did not learn and thus brought on this next step to curb violent behaviors.
Yeah, Big Brother will happen sooner than expected.

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Announce a bi partisan investigation into police brutality headed by Barack Obama, with power to criminally indict and also to place police departments under a special master, as was done in Oakland CA.

It would have to be separate from the current Justice Department..

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@zenvelo: “Announce a bi partisan investigation into police brutality headed by Barack Obama”

This guy?

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Let the purge begin…

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Remember that scene from Ironman 1, where Ironman drops the terrorist in front of the people and says “He’s all yours”?
I would do that with all the corrupt cops. Deliver them to the protesters to deal with them as they see fit.
No justice like street justice.

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What about small moves to de-escalate? How about arresting the 3 officers that stood by doing nothing while Floyd was killed?

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Probably this before we end up in martial law:

(Democrat state)
A sheriff in Wisconsin wants “as many law-abiding citizens to arm themselves in this country as we can get.” One in New York state told people who are licensed to carry a gun to “please do so.” In Florida, one sheriff said: “I can tell you the probability of needing a firearm is remote, but it’s more important to have a gun in your hand than a cop on the phone.”

Or this guy:
Sheriff urges licensed gun owners to arm themselves after San Bernardino shooting
Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey addressed citizens from Florida last month to ask them for help.
“If a terrorist attack or active-shooter scenario can happen in California, Texas, South Carolina or Paris, it can happen right here in our own backyard,” he said in a video titled “Enough is Enough.”

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. If you’re a person who is legally licensed to carry a firearm, now is the time, more than ever, to realize that you – and you alone – may very well be the first line of defense for you, your family and others around you in a terrorist or active shooter-based scenario.
“I have always had absolute faith in our citizens to partner with us to help protect our community.”

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I agree. The protesters should arm themselves.

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@ragingloli Sure, they’re Americans, too!! That’s pretty much what Killer Mike said, the second amendment is not just for white people.

He continued, “My message to Black people across the country is the same today as it was a year ago: the only person you can count on to protect yourself and your family is you. God gave you the right to use whatever tools are available to defend your rights. Nothing—including gun ownership—should be discarded. I encourage gun ownership to my wife, my son and daughters, your sons and daughters and all Black people.”

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Arrest the other three officers.

Black leaders ask for the protests to stop so its only the extremists left behind. Tell them the rioting will not result in productive change, and although they are not the ones rioting, it is giving room for rioters and looters to take advantage. That their neighborhoods and local business owners are being hurt, and quote MLK, and that the black community will not be sabotaged.

State that as Americans you are just looking for equality and safety like any other American wants. Refer back to the original writings regarding the founding of our country and using our system of government for change—and urge people to VOTE! Urge them to run for office in the future.

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It just occurred to me. If Trump steps down and says it’s for the good of the country to stop the polarization.

You know that won’t happen.

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@JLeslie: “If Trump steps down and says it’s for the good of the country to stop the polarization.”

Trump is the problem? Are you joking?

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How about we completely defund, disarm, and demilitarize the cops immediately?

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Make the police put away the shields, armor, “less lethal” weapons, and helmets. In the cities where they do that, trouble does not start. Elsewhere the police are doing the rioting.

FiveThirtyEight – De-escalation Keeps Protesters And Police Safer. Departments Respond With Force Anyway.

”...There’s 50 years of research on violence at protests, dating back to the three federal commissions formed between 1967 and 1970. All three concluded that when police escalate force — using weapons, tear gas, mass arrests and other tools to make protesters do what the police want — those efforts can often go wrong, creating the very violence that force was meant to prevent. For example, the Kerner Commission, which was formed in 1967 to specifically investigate urban riots, found that police action was pivotal in starting half of the 24 riots the commission studied in detail. It recommended that police eliminate “abrasive policing tactics” and that cities establish fair ways to address complaints against police.

Experts say the following decades of research have turned up similar findings. Escalating force by police leads to more violence, not less. It tends to create feedback loops, where protesters escalate against police, police escalate even further, and both sides become increasingly angry and afraid.”

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Trump is the problem? Are you joking?

I see you are unfamiliar with events of the past four years.

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@Call_Me_Jay: “I see you are unfamiliar with events of the past four years.”

Yes. I didn’t realize that racial injustice and cops killing black people started in January of 2017.

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For a start:

More police kneeling with, standing with, walking with the protestors.

More people with the privilege of not “having” to care about fixing the larger issue caring about fixing the larger issue, and hearing the people who are most directly affected by it when they explain what has been and is happening.

Federal, state and local governments vowing to do their part in making changes to improve the culture of police departments and the process by which cops are held accountable for abuse of their authority, and then doing so (actually addressing the grievances), while including communities in the process.

Thanks for the link @Call_Me_Jay

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Arrest, charge and prosecute all police who have ever killed/murdered an unarmed civilian.

Create a registry of police who have been suspended or fired for unjustified violence and shootings. Utilize the registry to prevent rehiring in other police departments.

Mandate frequent and regular mental health evaluations and normalize and provide mental health services for active duty first responders.

Have regular town halls for police chiefs and mayors with the community, particularly with traditionally marginalized groups.

Have all public and private schools and universities cancel contracts with any police departments where there have not been hearings/firings/arrests/prosecution of police who have shot/killed/murdered unarmed individuals.

Require first responders to live in the community in which they work.

Create a program of reflective supervision for first responders.

Research dollars for developing adequate training programs for police to address brutality and racial injustice.

Research dollars to develop restorative justice programs for police and communities.

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@hmmmmmm So, would you say Trump is not the big problem, the police are the bigger problem in the country? If Trump wins again it isn’t a disaster? What else is at the top of your list? What else needs to change for the unrest to stop? I don’t mean only with the current protests, but also generally, what will make everyone feel life is just and fair in the US so this doesn’t happen again?

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Nothing is going to happen until Trump leaves office. He is not the sole cause of racial inequality, but he prevents solution of the problem.

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The Denver Post – June 2, 2020 - “A Denver police officer was fired for writing “Let’s start a riot” as a caption to a photo he posted on social media showing himself and two other officers in riot gear.”

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Obama was not personally responsible for worsening race relations. It is a situation that had been neglected for a long time. I am sure that polls among blacks today about the way that police treat them would show even greater disapproval than under Obama. Since Trump became president, the level of hate crimes has ratcheted upwards. Link Link 2

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@LostInParadise (Sigh) He doesn’t get credit for anything! I mean that’s been going on how long now?
Obama couldn’t fix immigration after 8 years, but chose the ACA instead, which also failed. At least I give him credit for trying to do the right thing and realize not everything is in the Presidents control.
What exactly would you like him to do federally, that’s within his authority, regarding the police departments psycho racists?

Here’s what Trump’s delivered:
A great economy.
The Opportunity Zone initiative has created compelling tax incentives to drive investment to 8,700 distressed ZIP codes nationwide.
Criminal justice reform (First Step) was passed to improve fairness in sentencing and introduce policies to reduce recidivism.

Secured more funding for black colleges and universities than any other president. Bipartisan bill.

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@LostInParadise And yes, the irony of two white folks arguing which President worsened race relations is not lost on me. I gladly yield the floor to a minority who could maybe teach us both something. :)

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Trump is a racist. Hate crimes have gone up during his administration, and a lot of the perpetrators of these crimes mention Trump specifically. Racism will only be tackled seriously after he leaves office.

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@LostInParadise And why is it I can provide sources to dispute everything you say and you have none? Before you groan at me, check out the source for this.

For critics like policy analyst, Stewart J. Lawrence, the reason there is a segment of black men that support Trump comes down to his persona.

“Trump is a genuinely ‘aspirational’ figure for some African American men — in fact, quite a few, higher than has been reported, I think,” Lawrence told Vox. “I did quite a few informal interviews before the 2016 election and [was] surprised to see how far this went — but perhaps less surprising against a female Democratic candidate.”

To others like Ugonna Eze, a conservative black law student at the University of Chicago, while his actions are mortifying, his policies aren’t. “While I don’t appreciate some of his tweets or rhetoric,” he told Vox, “I think the president correctly assessed the challenges posed by China’s economic misbehavior, America’s protracted engagements in the Middle East, and the problems that came with lax enforcement of our immigration laws.” He plans to vote for Trump in the 2020 election.

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Those anecdotes sure prove the blacks love Trump. Won’t everyone be surprised when he gets the overwhelming portion of the black vote, just like in 2016.

LOL comedy gold the alternate reality you’re typing up there.

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@Call_Me_Jay Isn’t that what we’re doing here, backing up our position with links and sources or is it just supposition?
I guess it’s easier to just to call Trump and everyone who leans right a racist for four years and cross your fingers minorities believe your spin on everything. Hey, with the MSM behind you, you could possibly win.

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You are right. It is the numbers that matter. Take a gander at this Last election 88% of blacks voted for Clinton compared to 8% for Trump. Not a whole lot of love there for the president. Don’t expect the results this election to be any better and quite possibly, given recent events, even worse.

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@LostInParadise Yes, I knew that and acknowledge the fact. (Good job, love sources~)

But it’s been so incredibly partisan, I can’t help but think some minds will have changed based on some of his efforts in the last four years DESPITE Dems.

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Links and sources to a handful or people means nothing. Anecdotes are not data. You prove nothing except either a delusional or dishonest viewpoint. There’s no point in engaging further.

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@Call_Me_Jay Well I hope you’re a minority if you’re saying is lying.

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