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Email security: what is the actual risk level of sending one's govt ID as an email attachment?

Asked by marmoset (1189points) 1 month ago

It’s not a state ID, rather my state-issued patient ID for medical marijuana. Only one dispensary is offering delivery to my address and they will deliver only if you’re willing to email front and back images of your patient ID to them.

I told them this isn’t secure and they said it’s the only way they’re able to do it. I know that means it’s the only way they’re willing to do it. But how can I work with this? Is there a secure service I might use that would result specifically in what they require (an email arriving to them with the two pics)?

(To be clear I only care about info security – I have no need to keep it secret from anyone that I’m a MMJ user – and my patient ID doesn’t show my driver’s license info, just my photo and patient info.)

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If your email password is really strong, and if the dispensary has a good security blanket on their end, then I say the risk should be low.

However, you might want to scan your equipment for any keystroke loggers.

Ask them if you can black out any sensitive info on your ID.

Here’s a page of links concerning the encryption of email.

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Will they not accept it by snail mail or fax? Yes, some places still use a fax. Other than that, Brian seems to have the appropriate response

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