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How are Republicans reacting to cops and others taking the knee in solidarity?

Asked by JLeslie (61561points) June 2nd, 2020

I just ranted about taking the knee two days ago on fluther, so it is interesting that this is happening now.

I haven’t watched much coverage of the protests the last two days, but I saw a 5 minute interview with a mayor in California who said police officers were taking the knee to show solidarity, and now I have heard that was happening in many cities.

Are Republicans still seeing taking the knee as an affront to American soldiers who fought for us, or does that only apply if it is done when the national anthem is playing?

It seems to me it is now a symbol of peaceful, non-violent, protest, and more specifically protest for equality in America.

How do you see it? Does time and place make it ok in some instances and not in others, or do Republicans now understand better why taking the knee was only about equality, and had nothing to do with soldiers who fought for us.

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It’s good? Not sure why it would be bad.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – Evelyn Hall

I would add an “Even if” in front of that, because I do not disagree with what the people who are protesting are saying. “even if” I disagree with you, I respect that you have the right to say that, and I will defend you being able to say that.

Not well versed on the rest of what you are saying, so I won’t comment on that. I don’t remember having an issue with the kneeling during the anthem, as they are allowed to do that. I don’t know the symbol of the kneeling as a whole, just that in this case it’s to show solidarity, but I will look into it.

Plenty of officers in my area were joining in during the protests, and were kneeling. I think it’s great, really.

No Republican I know is against it. Not sure about others.

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Yes, it is good.

It is a demonstration that most cops (specifically the ones taking the knee) are trying to make peace with legitimate protesters.

Some believe that law enforcement feel the death of George Floyd was justified. But this is clearly not the case. Very scant few police are on the side of Derek Chauvin.

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@Yellowdog any cop that thinks what happened was justified should not be a cop. It’s more than trying to make peace. The peaceful protesters (at least the ones I’ve seen) do not hate cops. These cops are not happy with what happened, and they are showing that. It’s disgusting what happened. I saw a video of the protest in my area, the cops used to be school resource officers and they knew the kids at the protest. The kids were not against the cops, they were happy to have the support from the officers. For me, it’s more than “making peace”. It’s standing up for what happened and showing that that behavior won’t be tolerated.

Not disagreeing with you by any means. You are right @Yellowdog, I’m just adding on to you.

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@Yellowdog: I have not heard one person in law enforcement or any place else saying that the death of George Floyd was justified. He was handcuffed at the time the knee was on his neck. If a cop can’t control a handcuffed person without killing him, then something is wrong with the cop.

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@jca2 There have been a few non- LEOs (as far as I know) posting about Mr. Floyds criminal history as a justification, but I am leaning more towards them being trolls than real. There are always going to be shitty people out there, but I think in this case they are being shut up real quick. People aren’t going to tolerate justification of his death because there isn’t any.

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Is this another case of amnesia? How can people not remember how incensed part of the public was for football players taking the knee? Weren’t some of them fired for it? I had people all over my facebook saying it was slap in the face to our servicemen and our flag.

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Not amnesia @JLeslie I was younger at the time and not active in politics/social media so most of it went over my head without me paying attention to it. I do remember my parents being pissed, I do not think I formed my own opinion because I never looked into it. I heard military people say that that’s what they fought for, their right to kneel and protest. So I kind of was more on that side.

Can’t speak for others. Just me.

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@SergeantQueen Republican military people said they fought for the right to take a knee? I only heard that coming from Democrats. I wasn’t trying to target you with my comment, you aren’t the only one seemingly forgetting the arguments that were going on at the time. If you are young that is an acceptable excuse, I don’t expect young people to be on top of politics.

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@JLeslie Sorry for assuming that. Yes, when I was in the Civil Air Patrol we had a few people who were Republican and had served.

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^^And they were ok with the knee? Ok, at least there were a few. Most military republicans I knew took great issue with the knee.

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I think there is a difference between being against something but still believing they have the right to do it, and being against it and not wanting them to do it at all. But yes, the way they talked about it, it sounded like they were okay with it.

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So it’s taking a knee. The sentiment behind the gesture is what matters the most. Inspiring. There’s real hope for America.

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Not during the anthem, it is a peaceful gesture. Police in my city have done it on at least two different days. Facing a thousand people they put down their shields and took a knee. That was beautiful, but then there was handshakes and hugs.
We have a town of beautiful people.
There has been bad stuff, but according to arrest records, that was largely out of state people bringing their hate, and my town is rejecting all that.

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Just occurred to me that Floyd was killed by knees. It does seem so planned when you look at it that way.

@mazingerz88 I would assume you were always ok with it. On the football field and now.

@Yellowdog Were you ok with black football players taking the knee on the football field when that was happening?

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Taking a knee to legal non-violent protest is a good thing.
When laws are being broken it’s their job to enforce them. In fact it’s their job to police the people who would turn a non-violent protest into a violent one. It’s part of their job to protect and serve the protesters themselves who are exercising their legal right to protest.

Football players taking a knee was more virtue signaling, this is different.

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Just saddens me when legit acts of protest get watered down with accusations of being disrespectful etc.

At some point anyone with a brain should realize it’s not disrespecting anything. Criticizing kneelers is willful ignorance of the substance of the protest.

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