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Find your food sign? I don't think so.

Asked by McBean (1703points) September 3rd, 2008

Because I like food and because I think “typing” people is fun and can be informative, I was excited to see there was a book called, What’s Your Food Sign? How to Use Food Clues to Find Lasting Love- by Alan R. Hirsch, M.D.

I read a bit about it here and I’m not quite buying it. What do you think? Do any of these generalizations fit you or others that you know? (I think I’ve been hit on by more than a few married Blazing Buffalo fans.)

More Taste Traits:
Sour, Salty, Sweet or Spicy….

Those who prefer sour foods are loyal and tend to run from confrontation.
Those who like salty items like to feel safe and secure.
People who have a sweet tooth aren’t afraid to indulge and have few regrets.
Individuals who like spicy dishes are thrill seekers and need stimulation.

What tickles your pickle?
If you like spicy pickles, you tend to be pessimistic. If not, you tend to be optimistic.

Snack signs:
Potato chip lovers are ambitious and successful.
People who prefer pretzels do not like routine.
Cheese curl crunchers are neat and pay attention to detail.
Popcorn poppers are modest and humble.

Honey BBQ chicken lovers are take charge types and achievement-oriented. They enjoy the finer things in life.
People who like their chicken with sweet and spicy candy apple sauce are flamboyant. They are the risk-takers and love being the center of attention.
Blazing Buffalo fans are faithful in relationships. They tend to be followers more than leaders.

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Most of the potato chip lovers I know aren’t ambitious and successful. They’re couch potatoes. I’m with you. I think this is total nonsense.

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I definitely like sweet since I’m addicted to cake; my pickle is easily tickled I think ;)
I LOVE chips and Honey BBQ would be “it” for me.

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Mr_M, what about your pickle? How is it tickled? (We all know it’s easy. :-) )

bodyhead: I tend to agree.

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I call shenanigans.

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Yikes! I meant, Mr_M, do you like spicy pickles or not?

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What if you like all-of-the-above? Should I change my name to Sybil?

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He seems to be some type of nose fanatic quack hoping to get rich selling his books.

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What a crock. MD, my arse.

Wait, was it published on April 1st?

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@scamp: Wow, you’re right! Kind of creepy. I wonder if he sniffs you in greeting.

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“Popcorn poppers are modest and humble.”

That sure isn’t my son. He’s loud, proud, and in your face. LOL!

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Eh. Seems like a crock to me.

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With fruits and veggies, I’m an extrovert. With sweets, I’m an introvert. Yeah, this is a farce.

Now, back to Mr_M’s pickle…
I thought it was a banana, silly me

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According to that thing I would have every personality trait there is!

I am a follower and a leader. I am ambitious and modest. I am a thrill seeker and I like to feel safe and secure.

I think this may have all the value of an empty calorie snack.

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@McBean I sure hope not!! Did you see his ad for scentsational sex in my link? EWWW!!

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@scamp: Yes, I did. Your last sentence sums it up perfectly!

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If I like all of them does that mean I have multiple personalities?

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that is really fun to look at, but I wonder how many people out there would really take it seriously?? hahaha

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My food sign is pizza

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@Japeace: That’s a good sign.

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