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Did you use that car wireless charge? How about it? im in US.

Asked by momo1603 (8points) June 2nd, 2020

I used an android phone and i bought a car wireless charge. But i find it charge so slowly,but when i use this to charge iphone,it is perform better than my android phone. I know they have different battery capibility. Did you use car wireless charge? I want to know if you are use this and did you find any other advantages or disvantages? I know the phone will be in high heat when it charged.

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Not entirely the same, but I’m getting a wireless phone charger for the house, I’ll let you know how well it works when it shows up in the mail.

Regarding charging in the heat, try to hide your phone under the seat while it charges. Phones do not do well in high heat.

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Is the wireless charger you bought a Qi wireless? I love my wireless charger on my nightstand. It plugs into the wall with an 18 watt brick. It charges my phone really fast. I also have an external wireless and it charges very slow like yours does. I usually get impatient and plug it into the charger port where it works just fine. My phone is an android. I’ve never tested an iphone because I’ve never owned one

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I received my wireless charger in the mail. I could easily use it in my car, but like I said previously, I’d charge it only out of sunlight, preferably under the seat, which is about the coolest place.

The charger works great so far. I bought the charger because my phone’s battery life is now at 75% of what it was when new, and to get the wireless charger to work, I had to buy a case with an adapter and battery combined. Now I have an extended battery, I don’t have to plug it in anymore, it charges fast, and it’s like having a new phone!

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One more thing: in the directions for my phone, it said to never charge it while the car is being started, because it could damage the phone. I don’t know if you should use such caution with a wireless charger, but it wouldn’t hurt to double check before you use it that way.

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We rented a car last year with a shelf / wireless charger under the radio in the shade. Think it was a Chevy Malibu. Worked great we did a lot of driving using the GPS on the phone.

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