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Are any Republicans--any, even just two or three--whispering about nominating a different presidential candidate?

Asked by Jeruba (51926points) June 3rd, 2020

If so, who could it possibly be?


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I don’t know. They don’t whisper to me.

I would like to think there is some diversity of opinion amongst the Republican leadership, but who knows?

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@cookieman, if appearances are at all accurate, there’s a little more diversity today than there was yesterday.

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George Will, well known conservative columnist, has said Trump should step gown now.

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Yes, other than Biden for the Dems tha
t is.

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Nope. The RNC voted in 2019 to give Trump undivided suport, as well.

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If a republican party member were to so much as whisper that heretical thought, the person would be visited by some Trumpian operate and told to shut up.

If the whisperer were are candidate for something or another, any support from the party would cease immediately, and the opponent, whoever he is (and I am saying HE deliberately) would be awash in Trump contributions.

If the whisperer were a county or city official (not running) there would pressure, lawsuits, annoyances, innuendos – anything to shut the person up. Think of how the Trumpies deal with the whistle blowers at agencies around Washington.

And if all else were to fail to shut the person up, the guys with brass knuckles would be sent.

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If they thought he was going to lose the election they wouldn’t need to whisper.

He is probably going to win however, so they can either resign or ride the wave. The fact that he is obnoxious does not mean he can’t win an election. As we know.

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I haven’t heard any such thing, and I have a lot of Republican friends.

I do think some of them will stay home and not vote. The Republicans I know who are getting wobbly are the ones who work in healthcare or have a close family member working in a hot spot city. I think that is the best we can hope for, Republicans not voting, and then also African Americans voting. We need the Democrats to get organized and make sure they help people who don’t usually don’t vote, or have never voted, to order their mail-in ballots if they will not vote in person for health reasons.

Maybe Obama will address America about getting their ballots.

Biden should do targeted commercials and run ads with step by step how to get your mail-in ballot in your state.

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Been reading George Will for so many years now but his article this week, for the first time ever made my jaw dropped.

Will had always been consistently eloquent, deeply insightful and impeccably knowledgeable of American political history which he regularly cites and refers to in his articles, extrapolating on its significance on the issues of the day.

In his writing he also comes across as very polite and quite reserved in his criticism of whatever or whoever the subject matter is in his articles…but last week even though he remained calm and again polite…I really felt he was pissed with trump. Even disgusted maybe. Lol

He left the Republican Party late last year I think along with John MacCain’s former campaign manager Steve Schmidt.

Now Will and Schmidt, those are the two guys who would have great ideas on who the Republican Party could tap as their next Presidential candidate.

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Why change a winning ticket?

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