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Do you believe Trump went to the White House bunker merely to inspect and not take shelter?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26680points) June 3rd, 2020

If you’re a reporter how would you get to the truth of what happened? Who will you seek out as a source?

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You know, that might have been what they told him, in order to get him to go. He may be just as susceptible to lies as he thinks everyone else is.

But no. That’s not why he was taken there.

Good question about reporters. I wonder if we have any journalists around here who can actually talk about how they uncover facts.

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You’ll never know the truth – Trump is surrounded by protectors (physical and political) who do nothing but feed his ego.

Thing is, if they had said “Trump went down to the bunker to be safe in a precarious situation”, I would have believed it and not questioned it. It was a shaky situation.

So what do the Trumpies achieve be lying about something like this? I don’t get why everyone feeds orangeman’s ego.

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As much as ole orange hair annoys me,I am not going to blame him for this if the secrete service said he should go to the bunker then I think he would have had little choice.

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The SS gets damn pushy when it comes to doing their job. Even if he asked for the situation to esculate outside, the SS at some point decides not to wait for the situation to become dire and they grab him by both arms and whisk him into the bunker. He’s not asked if he wants to go as he’s forcibly taken

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Given his detestable nature and talent for infuriating insult, the absolute nightmare for those tasked with protecting the fool must be formidable indeed. I often wonder what the load of credible threats to the dummy must be, and what possible process there is for wading through the morass. All Presidents are of course magnets for the deranged among us, but try to imagine anyone so stunningly programmed to “drive you crazy”. Then add those of his own retinue— his supporters fully aware that he, themselves and the nation as a whole all fare better when the fool is locked away and unable to cause trouble. I agree that we will probably never know the actual reason he was hustled to the bunker. It might just have been the striking consensus that the world deserves a break.

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Even if I was a reporter who could get to the truth, there is no guarantee that the truth would be printed or broadcast anyway.

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Slow down, people, and proofread your posts.

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I think the Secret Service talked him into going, telling him the convincing lie to use.

I wish he used that time in the bunker to be a good german.

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He’s chicken shit.

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The Secret Service probably had him go there as a precaution.

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Best chance then of potentially knowing what took place is….post-trump WH when one of those in the know writes a book?

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Who cares? I hate Trump, but I honestly don’t care. There are so many other things that deserve my attention, I wouldn’t want to waste my time worrying about his motives for being in the bunker as myself or hypothetically as a journalist.

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^^I think it’s unfortunate not to care if you’re a journalist, though for sure it’s your right not to care.

Some people do have responsibilities in holding other people in leadership position who make decisions affecting all our lives accountable for their actions. Things like getting used to lying Presidents should not be accepted nor allowed as the new normal in a Democratic society.

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I think he was taken there for his safety. I think it is a ridiculous story that means nothing. Someone tried to make him look weak or hurt his ego. It doesn’t, especially among his base.

Regarding journalists, I think so many of them do not rise to the title of investigative reporter. They don’t check three times, or go a step further to find why and how and all the details. Especially, TV talking heads. Some are still good though.

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That’s where he keeps his supply of hairspray.

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They took him down there for safety. It isn’t unreasonable.

It would have been forgotten if Trump hadn’t flipped out in fear of looking weak in TV reports. So he had police attack the crowd at the church so he could walk outside and wave a bible.

Good job as always, Trumpy.

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Whose truth?

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