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Features missing from mobile version?

Asked by Jeruba (49550points) 1 month ago

I’ve recently acquired a tablet and have been trying to navigate Fluther on it (not right this minute; I’m currently on my usual laptop).

It’s been very awkward, but I’ve more or less managed. Too soon to tell if I hate this device a lot or just a little.

Question: Are there features that simply don’t exist in the mobile format? I was unable to find the “flag” link to flag a spam question. Should I have been able to?

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It also doesn’t have the feature where you start typing a users name and the name pulls up. That’s a bit annoying since, if you want the users name to show up in red, you have to spell the name exactly as the user has it. Example @jeruba.
Or @Jeruba.

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Have you tried switching on your tablet from mobile to desktop version? I haven’t used it in a while on my tablet but that might help.

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I floofer predominantly on my phone & what has been said about no drop down menu of usernames is true.
Particularly irritating with those pesky longer monikers.

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I’m asking if the flag feature is there and I haven’t found it yet, or if it’s not there at all.

@chyna, @ucme, oh, I would miss that too. Haven’t even got that far yet.

@janbb, yes, thanks, I did, and found that I couldn’t navigate at all. Seemed to be stuck on the one entry that I was on when it switched, and couldn’t go anywhere but home page. I have to be doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.

I think the whole tablet thing was a mistake. Gahh. I want the 20th century back.

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Hey @Jeruba we appear to be in a race to hit 50k…who’d a thunk eh?

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The flag feature is not there.

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@Jeruba FWIW – This is not to do with Fluther app or not app at all, but I love my tablet. It’s a handy dandy device. In the absence of real books from the real library, I’ve been checking out e-books from the virtual library, reading news in bed before sleep (not that I recommend that) and catching up with email.

And when I decide to sojourn in California unexpectedly for weeks, it is a very handy substitute puter.

I still use my desktop a lot during the day but I do find there is a place for each.

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I do the vast majority of my computer use on an old Android tablet. I’m using it now. @chyna has already answered the question about the inability to flag and also the lack of a drop down menu of names. There is also no preview of what I’m currently typing to check my grammar and punctuation. Those are the most glaring problems. Still, I love using a tablet. It’s just more convenient. Like @janbb, I take this on trips instead of a laptop. It’s much easier to carry.

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It’s funny. I’m now on my IPad mini and I have both the preview and the drop down features. The only thing I don’t have is flagging. Perhaps it depends on the type of tablet you have and its operating system.

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When I access with my desktop, I have neither a flag button, cursor-summoned character, nor preview pane.

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I just go to on my tablet or desktop; I think that’s why I have most of the features. I don’t use at all. I have a slight memory that they stopped developing it at some point before they stopped all development but I could be wrong.

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Some features are missing there, yes. For those who are being sent to the mobile version against their will, you can scroll all the way down to just above “Send Feedback” and click “Desktop”.

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I use fluther almost exclusively from my iPad mini, and, as @janbb suggested, I use the desktop version instead of the mobile version. I can’t link to a word, I have to link the entire address, but I can flag, and the drop down name feature is there.

I love my tablet, I can take it with me and have access to a lot of stuff. My phone is just too little for me to use comfortably for internet access.

I have cute little hands, but my fingers seem to have the dexterity of Godzilla when I am using my phone.

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Oh, yes, that’s another thing I can’t do, I can’t link to anything.

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I’m on mobile and can do everything. Just copy link and post is awkward unless you keep the google tab open.

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@Jeruba Just try going from your browser on the tablet to and don’t bother opening the i.fluther app at all.

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@all, thanks for every suggestion and data point. I really thought my device was faulty or else I was just doing it wrong. In all these years, I’ve used only the full-function version. @janbb, I’ll try that.

@ucme, I’m not in competition with anyone. Go for it.

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@Jeruba Neither am I, it was merely a frivolous aside.

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@janbb, I tried doing that by every means I could think of, including deleting all instances of i.fluther from my history and typing in the address. It kept switching to the i version anyway. I finally gave up in frustration.

I had a little Asus a few years ago that was just like my laptop, only much smaller and lighter, ideal for travel, and all this stuff worked. That is, until the charging port failed. I can’t seem to do much of anything with the Kindle Fire. I’m thinking of just calling it a mistake and ditching it.

I hate getting used to new technology. One thing I love about Fluther is that there isn’t any new development.

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