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When you were a child, were you grateful for or fairly demanding of your parents/siblings?

Asked by ucme (49869points) 1 month ago

Took them for granted or appreciated them for who they were.

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My parents were great. They struggled to give me and my sister a chance.
They died young.
I never demanded anything directly but in retrospect I guess I was troublesome enough that they must have regarded me as demanding.
I am very greatful for them.

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The idea of being demanding with them is laughable.

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I was a wild spirited child, but I wasn’t demanding, maybe on rare times when I felt especially passionate about something. I got a paper route right after turning twelve. I got my own sundries thereafter. We moved a couple of times more, but I was never long without a job.
I was bossy as hell with my little brother. Once he came along, I was old news. He could do no wrong, and I was too young to kick out.
Apparently neither of my parents wanted a girl.

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@lucillelucillelucille You are correct, I was perhaps looking for spoilt brat confessions…still time though!

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I don’t know that I was demanding, except for a few times. I was an only child, and I was caregiver for my terminally ill mother from the time I was in fourth grade. Mostly I spent my time trying to survive and figure life out.

My father kept track of all the money he spent on me until the day he died. He spent so much time reminding me of my obligation to him, that being demanding never crossed my mind.

All that said, I was extremely strong willed, and very challenging to raise. I guess I had to be strong willed, considering what all I had to deal with at home.

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I was always super grateful, particularly so as my parents divorced when I was very young.
My mum as a single parent, brought up 3 brothers, essentially in the role of a single parent.

I am the middle of the 3 in terms of age & so respected both my elder & younger sibling for different reasons.
They were quite demanding though, forever at each other’s throats, I saw myself as the calm, peacemaker…call me Wyatt Twerp :D

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@ucme -My sibs and I weren’t spoiled but my sister and I fought. A lot.
Her signature move was to grab my hair.Mine became an uppercut :D

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