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What are the advantages/disadvantages of single bowl kitchen sinks?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (6470points) 1 month ago

This is what I’m asking about. If you have experience with this kind of sink, what did you like about it? What did you dislike about it? Do you prefer double bowl sinks?

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I have a single in this house (been here for 22 years) and I still don’t like it. But then, there’s almost no counter space, so I really miss the extra place to put stuff. But hey, I’ve survived this long with only one sink, I’ll probably be okay. :-)

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I have a double; what I find useful is that I can stack dirty stuff in the side without the disposer and then wash the dishes and pots and pans when I feel like getting around to it.

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When I was a small child, and did not know there were kitchens with side by side kitchen sinks, I wished for someone to invent them.
I can’t think of any advantage.

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I have a double.
I don’t find it to be useful. Neither half is big enough for anything in particular.
I am shopping to replace it with a single.

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@Patty_Melt May I ask why you wished for someone to invent them? I’m trying to figure out what I might miss if I make the switch.

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Another reason for a large kitchen. 2 full sized sinks, each capable of holding a roasting pan. One big sink is preferable to 2 tiny ones (at least for me)

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Well with two you can wash in one, rinse in the other. I have a dishwasher, but with only me, it takes a long time to fill unless I do some big baking project, rare these days. As a kid, I was trying to rinse over the sink I was washing in, so it would be to be partially emptied two or three times.
With two, I can be a lazy ass and let one sink fill with dishes, but if I need to wash some produce, there’s the other one. If you get a lightweight cutting board, it is perfect to place it across the two. Start with it off to the side, rinse things as needed, put them on the board, slide the board over, and do all the chopping. It is right there for any juices that drain off the edges. Best if one sink has a garbage disposal. Any trimmings can be slid right in.
I am currently living without a garbage disposal, so wishing for that.
The big pots thing can be a problem, unless you have a sprayer.
That’s all I’ve got.

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When I only had a single, I had a ;large plastic tub for soaking things.

Now that I have a double, I don’t like that I cannot fit large pot or skillet to soak.

When I was a toddler my mother would bathe me in a large single sink.

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The biggest disadvantage is with a single bowl sink you have to wash and then rinse your dishes in the same sink. You end up have to let water out.

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You can use dish pans side by side in a single sink. Wash in one; rinse in the other- boom you’re done. Normally what I do is use just one dish pan (it’s usually just a dirty pot filled with hot soapy water) and I rinse with the faucet.

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I have a double sink with a larger sink and a smaller one. I could do without it but I really like having the smaller side as well.

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The double sink allows one to wash dishes in and the other for rinse.
The one I installed is 8” deep.

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Also, if you accidentally leave the water running in one side, they’re designed so that the water will spill out into the other side before it runs out over the top and onto the floor and counters.

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Thanks for the answers, everyone! I appreciate the different perspectives.

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It is easier to de-clog a drai nwith a simple plunger if you only have one drain to work with

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