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Is the rumor about Derek Chauvin and George Floyd True? See details?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15823points) 1 month ago

I have seen some mentions online of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin that they had a history. Some said they knew each other, one said they worked together.
Does anybody have reliable information one way or another?
We’re they enemies already?

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Basically they worked some overlapping shifts at the same nightclub, but the club’s owner has said there’s no indication that they had any interaction, or even that their paths crossed, during these shifts.

Personally, until I see something solid, and not just speculation, I’m going to chalk this one up to coincidence.

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I read basically the same comments as @Darth_Algar. Their manager said they worked in different areas. It is unlikely this had anything to do with the episode.

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This Q was asked by @filmfann less than a week ago. This is what Fox News reported on the subject.

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Good question! I’m setting my time machine to one week ago to ask this question!

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I missed your question. Sometimes I miss a day or two. I appreciate both of you for posting, and then reposting the link. It helps me feel more caught up, and may be helpful also if anyone else missed the first asking of this question.

It makes me feel like, nothing is different in guilt, it was murder, clear and simple. I wonder though if there was some added motive.
Maybe George knew something on him.
I’m just wondering.

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Did you go to the Fox link? His boss where they both had worked said he seemed to have a problem with blacks in general that others in the same position didn’t have and that she had spoken to him numerous times about his attitude

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I read that.

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