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Should I quit my job I hate?

Asked by chelle21689 (7907points) June 5th, 2020 from iPhone

I’ve been at my job for 4 years now, l and I’ve completely outgrown it. The reason I’ve been here a while is because I got a free graduate degree. My reasons for quitting is because we haven’t had a pay increase in 3 years, I’m really bored, and my boss is an idiot and is clueless.

Often he tells people the wrong procedures or forgets it which affects my work, he tells me one thing and months later tell me something different, he treats me like an assistant like making a copy for a paper which is super simple, etc.

One case, we have a new president coming and they need an email for him. I have no paperwork and no details so I tell them I can try to work with IT and worry about paperwork to complete everything else.
He then emails me “He’s an exception, we need the email set up regardless of paperwork!”
What did I just say? He does stuff like this allllll the time! IT ended up contacting me saying they’re asking is o build a roof without a basement and it has many challenges. This could all be avoided if the president would just complete the form I sent which takes two minutes!!

The incompetence here frustrates me so much. I want to quit so badly but I have no job lined up and there is few opportunity right now during this pandemic. I have a large savings for emergencies but who knows when I will find a better job.

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Not yet untill you have a better offer. Idiots are abound and a fact of life.

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Didn’t you tell us that you interviewed for another job? I am guessing you did not get an offer. I am with @RedDeerGuy1 on this. Don’t quit your job until you get an offer from somewhere else.

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@lostinparadise I’m still under review on my status, I was told it would be a few weeks before they reach out to move forward. I figure if I don’t hear anything by next week it’s likely they are not considering me or they’re not hiring urgently.

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Wait. The job you interviewed for is going through this pandemic also, so they may have a hiring freeze for now.
Also, there are hundreds of people out there applying for jobs, so it won’t be easy to find one.

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I agree that you should wait. The grass may not be greener on the other side.

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This is not a time to quit a job. Keep looking for a change but don’t quit.

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It sounds like you may be there quite a while, and having an incompetent boss can create problems for you as an employee, which could reflect on your performance. Until you do quit I suggest you start a diary of what happens each day and the result. This way if there is any question as to your behavior or work performance, you have evidence to back up your counter claims. Be sure to include dates, times and names. Be as accurate as you can, and avoid any words that would convey emotion, because that sort of thing can be misconstrued.

In the meantime keep your resume buffed, and keep looking for a better job.

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Yes, I often correct him in the nicest way possible without trying to seem like a smart butt or make him look dumb. It’s damn if I do damn if I don’t. If I don’t say anything then he think I’m doing things wrong because he’s so forgetful of what he tells me. It’s gotten worse over time for whatever reason, maybe due to working remotely because of covid.

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You’re bored and frustrated, but you’re not being mistreated. Your boss is an idiot, but he isn’t an abusive bully. Your job may not be perfect, but it’s not untenable.

I’m on board with the Jellies above. This is a bad time to quit a job. By all means continue your search, but don’t leave your current position until you’ve secured something else.

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Thanks all, sometimes I’m so close to wanting to just say “I quit” and leave them with a mess.

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Yes, but get yourself another job first, if you can.

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Make sure you have a new job offer before you quit.

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The pandemic has everyone tense. You have a job. Thousands in every city are standing in line to collect unemployment. Businesses have ceased to exist in just the last two months, a truth in nearly every town in the US.
What you need is not a new job, not a new boss. You need a refreshing side interest which can “clear your palate” between predictable, stressful days.

A few people love what they do for money. Most don’t. It is how you keep yourself in a home, and feed and clothe yourself.

Think outside of the box. Choose an activity which takes you completely outside of your normal routine. Maybe once a week go to a karaoke bar, be a regular. Sing beautiful or awful, but participate. Or, go with your inner child. Get some finger paints, play doh, and Legos. Play date oh is great for releasing aggression.
Let your job be a cold cheese sandwich every day, but during your off time cut loose.

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@patty_melt, great advice. Thank you!!

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I know of two people who actually got new jobs in the middle of all this shit. I say continue to apply. What would it hurt?

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If you can wait I would. The job market is about to get go through a lot of crazy I think.

The positive about high unemployment is if you leave without a job to go to you will be one of many unemployed through no fault of their own, so less likely your resume will be judged for some months without employment, but if you have to work to pay your bills then I think stick with your job.

If you can do it with your eyes closed then reframe it from being bored to being great at your job! Get it done and then find some other fun or interest outside of work that engages you.

If you get offered a new job then that’s another story. Take the risk if you feel good about it. It NEVER is as good as it sounds though.

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I’ve watched you pop up here periodically for years complaining about the paltry treatment at the hands of your employer and your hopelessly obtuse boss. It puzzles me that if your boss is as hopeless as you believe, you don’t seek a more lucrative position elsewhere in the school or away from it. Since you now have your degree, perhaps it is time to get off the dime and MOVE ON. Or return here yearly for the next 10–20 years to complain until your boss dies or retires.

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If all other aspects of the job are ok (pay, working conditions, coworkers) and the only problem is the boss, and it’s not that he’s mean or nasty, then it seems like it’s tolerable. Make sure you do a lot of communicating in email form so if he changes his mind or forgets something he told you, you have a record of the original request to back yourself up.

I always tell people that’s what I love about email or text. You have a record and it’s got a time and date stamp on it so there’s no misunderstanding.

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When you go for a job interview remember that they are trying to impress you. They will paint a picture of how great it is to work there. It will look like the grass is greener there. But look closely. Do there other employees look happy? Does the place look good or is it need a good cleaning. The grass may be greener because there is more BS there.

Good luck.

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Others pretty much nailed it. Find another job and then move on. But make sure you don’t take a bad attitude your current job has bred to your new job.

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I wouldn’t recommend you quiting your job with no plan, but what is confusing me is that you sounds more like an entrepreneur but someone having a job. Why don’t you use this spirit to move forward? Keep the job and develop your business online. You may consider me a plot theory lover but I’m pretty much convinced that this COVID story has a lot to do with it. I’ve been watching a very interesting video from some guy, the Nobel Prize winner for the economy, and he said interesting things: the reach people are sick of the old system and they are doing everything they can to switch the world online. It has a lot of sense particularly when you get the idea what resources has been given away and are still giving, but they will not give forever. Unfortunately I have forgotten the name of the man but he’s a big deal in USA. I think you should consider this line of work for your future.

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