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Do you still dress up at home?

Asked by Joyforjoy (88points) 3 weeks ago

Because of the Covid-19, most of us have to stay at home. So do you still dress up at home?

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I resisted dressing up before the virus. It’s overalls and hoodies only because pajamas don’t provide enough pockets.

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I don’t dress up as in, put on dress pants and a collared shirt and tie, but I rarely did that pre-COVID-19.

I do, however, get dressed every day as if I was going to work. Since I work at home now, it helps get me in the right frame of mind.

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I didn’t dress up at home before covid, but now it’s even worse, I barely brush my hair sometimes. Eventually, I get around to grooming myself, but later in the day than pre-covid.

I just bought some more yoga pants so I’m not in my pajamas so much.

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No I’ve been working mostly every night from the beginning of Covid 19, so no time to really play dress up. For work I wear dark blue or black coveralls, when I’m home its all about sweatpants and a tank top.

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I never did pre covid either. I’m basically just in shorts and a Tee round the clock.

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I do dress – but not dress up! However, since I’m retired that is SOP. The last time I wore heels was at my son’s wedding three years ago.

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T-shirt & gym shorts, pretty much 7 days a week.

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I wear the clothes I sleep in until I’m ready to go out. Then I take a shower and put on jeans and tee shirts or sweat shirts or whatever. I am very casual – as casual as possible, unless I have to be more dressed up.

If not going out all day, I might take a shower and then hair gets brushed.

If I’m not going to out, nobody is seeing me anyway except my daughter so nobody cares. I don’t do Zoom meetings. I will join a Zoom meeting without the camera.

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Things aren’t much different than before.
It depends on what I’m doing. Today is going to be hot, so sundress.
This coming week, I’ll be working so tank top & shorts.

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Here’s my daily routine – apply makeup, style my hair, wear earrings, and use a spritz of fragrance. I did these things before the pandemic, and I continue to do so, regardless of whether I go anywhere or see anybody. There’s a psychological boost to being someone who looks and feels as if she has a purpose in life and is ready to take on the world.

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I dress as I always dress. Clean, comfortable and casual. *I saw joke that said we have our day pajamas and our night pajamas. ROFL

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I am pretty casual. I work from home in my bedroom, and don’t clean up unless I have a video conference.sometimes I don’t shower until mid afternoon.

And I actually had an internal debate over using deodorant, since I am not around anyone. (I use it for my kids’ sake

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I have a routine where I curl my hair everyday,make the bed up after I get dressed,and look presentable. Then if and when I go out in public I am already.

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I dress most days, but it isn’t guaranteed until I have to walk to the mailbox.

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I think it was Jimmy Kimmel who started the trend when he & his family chose to dress up every Friday night to sit down to a fancy meal. He kept talking about how much better his family felt after one of these Friday nights. His wife tired of seeing him in his underwear 24/7.

There was also one family who challenged each other to dress up like their favorite character from things they found in their home, Some of those pictures were hilarious!!!

Since we were allowed to still go out for essentials, I got dressed every day & drove down to my favorite restaurant to get take out. Even though I was only gone for 5 minutes round trip, I found that I felt much better no matter whether it was jeans & a t-shirt, or a skirt & a blouse, or my Sunday’s finest. So YES I made it a point of getting up & getting dressed every day during our time at home.

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Typically I get up ~6:30 and get dressed – usually in jeans. There is always stuff to do outdoors so it would be inappropriate to go out in my underwear. Mosquitoes. First task is to get the newspaper out of the mailbox. I might meet a neighbor along the way doing the same thing. Then I eat breakfast. Then I start the outdoors stuff: feed the birds, fill the feeders, change the pond filter, clean the sprayers, clean up any mess the animals made digging in the flower planters, overturning the bird bath, etc. I can easily blow an hour with those morning “ablutions”. Then I go inside and finish my coffee, use the bathroom and take a shower. By then it’s 8:00.

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I asked hubby and he says jeans and t shirts, unless he is on video conference, then button down shirt, which he keeps nearby to change. Also, no shoes.

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On date nights, yes.

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I do not wear my work clothes while working from home. For special Zoom meetings, I have worn a scarf over a t-shirt.

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