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What gift, if any, should we bring for an 8th grader's graduation get together?

Asked by jca2 (11787points) June 6th, 2020

We’re friends with a mom and dad that have two daughters. One of the daughters is graduating from 8th grade. My daughter and I are invited to their house this evening, after dinner for cake and ice cream.

What’s a good gift we should bring? Money in a card? How much?

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I searched for 8th grade grad gifts and the average price range was around a $20—$30 range, up or down either way.
They were selling everything from t shirts to jewelry but I’d probably go for cash in a card.

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A gift card to Amazon. In the 1900’s, people use to give a matching Cross pen and pencil set, but kids don’t write much anymore.

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A gift certificate to have a professional Portrait done in Graduation outfit or with her friends?

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I was thinking $25 in a card.

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I prefer to not give cash; however, I’ve found that most young people prefer cash to a gift they don’t like. At least with cash, they can put it together with other cash they receive & come closer to buying what it is that they do want. The least I put in a card is $20 & it goes up from there depending on how well I know them or their family. A lot also has to do with how the child acts around me. Smart mouthed, disrespectful brats get less than those who know how to treat their elders.

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A Barbie

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As long as its useful, cute and maybe sparkly, other than that if all fails a gift card won’t hurt.

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