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Why do anti-BLM people celebrate the 4th of July?

Asked by rockfan (12953points) June 6th, 2020 from iPhone

Don’t they know that all countries matter too?

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Can we just call them racists?

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I’m sorry, but I’ve circled back to this page three or four times now and I still don’t understand the question. Can you put it another way?

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It’s meant as a joke, and may have been hard to interpret without proper context.

People who don’t like Black Lives Matter tend to use the phrase “All Lives Matter”, not realizing that saying All Lives Matter is like going to a Leukemia research charity and saying All Diseases Matter.

Hence the joke All Countries Matter.

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Most of the celebrate it so they

1) can wave the American flag (a simplistic sign of patriotism)

2) drink copious amounts of beer

3) shoot fireworks after dark and make loud noises, so as to keep whole neighborhoods awake

Fourth of July is a lot like Christmas – any ‘real’ meaning has long since passed by

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Most people’s patriotic holidays are based on where they live or where they are from.

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The KKK had a rally in my county, they had a “Cross Burning” a couple years ago !

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Celebration has nothing to do with reason. People celebrate when ever they can.

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