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If the motivation of the Minneapolis Police was to project white power and strength over blacks, hasn't it failed miserably?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28185points) 1 month ago

We don’t really know why Office Chauvin murdered Mr. Floyd, but apparently the Minneapolis police had a long history of beating on brown and black people.



and many more

So if Office Chauvin’s motive was to show white domination over blacks – likely given his history – didn’t it backfire?

He’s in jail for second degree murder.

MPD is not going use the murder methodology any more.

His actions kicked off a wave of sympathy for Black Lives Matter and black rights than had been missing for a couple years.

Again, I don’t know his motivation. But if it was to show white domination, was it a total failure?

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Well it sure back fired in Chauvin’s face, let’s see if he gets more than just a slap for his actions sure he was arrested but lets see if he gets convicted.

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If that were the case, then, yes, possibly.
There will be more riots and unrest if the conviction does not go the way the mob wants.

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I still have no idea why they had him hog tied in the street instead of in the back of the cruiser taking him to jail.

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I think it is in part the fact the the President of Minneapolis Police Union is a huge Trump fan and spoke at a Trump rally last year Even wearing a White Power Patch, the Police discourage the knee on the neck but the Minneapolis Police Union still gives classes.
The union was the reason Chauvin got off 17 times, see a pattern??

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If all cops were black, would there be any difference?

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@kritiper We will never know, because police forces are predominantly white and will never, in our lifetime be predominantly black because of racial bias.

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Not in my town, White police wouldn’t live long.

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@Yellowdog Nearly half of the police force in Memphis is white, and over 90% of the police force in Bartlett is white. So unless you’ve been lying about where you live, white cops do just fine in your town.

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Bartlett isn’t Memphis.

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Here we go again @Irukandji ! !

Someone doesn’t know where they live and when in doubt make it up !!

@Yellowdog SMH !!!!!!

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I don’t think it’s necessarily white over black, I think it’s men who want to dominate, feel powerful, and who are abusive, and sadists. They often abuse their wives, children, not just people on the streets. I think the black community was a target because they got away with using them as punching bags, the same way abusive husbands often get away with it for a very long time.

They are sociopaths, probably had been abused themselves. They play with people like how my cat used to torture crickets.

As far as it backfiring, these immoral acts bring on the very thing these horrible hateful abusive people dread. When people bought and sold black people as slaves they imported hundreds of thousands, and then finally good won out against the evil and they were freed. The result is the South, where slavery and racism was rampant has a tremendous amount of black Americans and so those racist people had to live among African Americans as “equals.” We know they really didn’t get equality though. Imagine if those horrible Immoral plantation owners had never bought people like cattle? Imagine how white America would be.

Now, is a reckoning with the fact that black Americans are treated differently by the police. Plus, African Americans still don’t get a fair shake at life in America in many many different ways.

What these horrible white Americans who are so racist and so evil should be grateful for is that black Americans just want equality, and they aren’t seeking revenge.

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@chyna I never said it was a possibility. Only a “what if?” I don’t think it would matter at all. And any bias goes both ways, can and would, most probably. So the more things change, the more things stay the same. Welcome to the “New Normal.”

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The boys in the first video you posted were obviously innocent.

But you know what? The police were clearly responding to reports of Somalian youth with knives or guns—which is far from rare.

This was a case of mistaken identity, not ‘white power’.

Lets hope our police in Minneapolis just sat ;screw it’ and resign (or be disbanded)
Let Muslim groups like the Black Panther Party patrol the parks and neighborhoods, as they’ve offered to do since the early 1960s.

They’d be better at it, if we let them do it as they see fit, with their knowing their own communities.

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That philisophy is doomed to fail from the outset.

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I think to assume any motivation other than “because he can” is silly. Chauvin was a bully. But that also matches with Minneapolis PD. And it isn’t just white against black. Let’s not forget the case of Justine Damond, the Australian-American woman that called 911 to report a woman being attacked behind her house. When the cops showed up, she went out to the car to talk to them and one of them shot her. She was unarmed and in her pajamas. So violence by the cops in Minneapolis goes beyond the color of the cop. It seems to be integral in their training.
But an interesting side note of this case is how the public reacted to the cop being arrested. He was a black Somali immigrant and when he shot this white woman, there was outrage…that he would be charged. There were protests against his being arrested or charged. It was all racist was the reasoning. I can’t help but think that if we had looked at the act and said it is entirely unacceptable for a police officer to shoot an unarmed person that is not attacking them instead of focusing on race, some change might have been forced on the Minneapolis (and possibly other) PD and George Floyd could have been alive today.

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@Yellowdog “Bartlett isn’t Memphis.”

But you’ve claimed to live in both, which is why I gave both sets of numbers. Whichever one you meant when you said “my town,” you’re still wrong.

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Are The Guardian Angels still around? My parents lived in NYC in the late 70’s. early 80’s and told me many stories about how they took care of many problems without any guns.

@Irukandji He takes his notes out of trump’s play book. Say it and then deny when cornered

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You @Irukandji are the one who brought up Bartlett.

I do not know the make-up of the Bartlett police, but it could well be 80%, as the town’s population is about two-thirds to three fourths white.

There are some white police officers in Memphis, but not very many.

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@Yellowdog I brought up Bartlett because you have said on other questions that you live there. You have also said that you live in Memphis. So I gave both sets of numbers because they show that you are wrong regardless of which of those places you live. Nearly half (47%) of the police force in Memphis is white. That’s more than “not very many.”

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55 to 63

So Parks refused to give up her seat in 55 & MLK finally got her a better seat in 63. It only took him 8 years to get her out of the back of the bus. She had 43 years of a better life thanks to him

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