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Did you know that saying the "F"-word helps increase your ability to withstand pain?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28193points) 1 month ago

Good news from science article – saying ‘fuck’ has some analgesic qualities.

Fake woossie words (politer ways to say ‘fuck’) don’t have the same effect.

Will this change your vocabulary when you’re in pain?

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Oh yes, I have personally run this experiment many times and can conclude that the data are correct.

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The F word isn’t the only word I use to withstand pain…

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It’s a fact!

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@josie -It’s a fucking fact.

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It is one the most effective scientific methods for pain reduction to which I devote my energy.
And decibels.

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@canidmajor I find that saying it three or four times loudly and rapidly is the most efficacious!

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I concur with all above! Enthusiastically!

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I say ‘darn it’ when I hit myself with a hammer, or get a flat tire.

But others like it better when I say, ’“Well, MOTHer FUCKer!”

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Nonsense – OUCH works for me, and the F word is not even in my vocabulary. My parents training methods were VERY effective,

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Cunty twatbollocks works best for me.
The key is repetition & volume!

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No it won’t change my employment of the F word. Now I must compliment the fool on his rendering of relief to so many of the world’s untold millions.

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