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Curious statistic: Was the number of people who came down to Washington to demonstrate this weekend larger than the crowd at Trump's inauguration?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28194points) 1 month ago

I have no idea. But if more people demonstrated against him, it would ne a hoot.

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You can bet that someone will research it. I wonder if the administration is ready with the perfunctory lie on the topic?

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I think the number of people visiting the local state park here this weekend was greater than Trump’s inauguration.

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Oh, dear me, what a naughty question.

I don’t think they’re actually demonstrating against him, though, right? Two things are being conflated here.

Of course I hope the answer is yes.

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~ ~ ~~ I bet the protestors didn’t use ten thousand cardboard cutout !

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@Jeruba I don’t think any of the protesters started out protesting against him. Unfortunately, he insists that everything done be about him; so,I do think that has changed. He’s succeeded in making this feel personal to many no matter the color of their skin!!!

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It wasn’t about him, but by his continually throwing gasoline on the fire he’s made it about him.

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Trump’s inauguration was largely blockaded by large, violent crowds of rioters, pretty much the same crowd as coming to the capitol to ‘protest’.

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Oh bullshit….

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Cardboard cutout made up the difference @Yellowdog !

Are you the only one that knows about the rioters at the inauguration, here’s Google says about rioting crowd blocking the inauguration and I quote:

“It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search”

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@Tropical_Willie – Yellowdog makes things up to suit his fancy.

There was no rioting at the inauguration. Just a lot of people stayed away because they hated Trump.

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I know @elbanditoroso ! Just a fact check. . . .

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My search resulted in this which claims that there were anti-trump protests. OMG don’t read it as @Yellowdog has posted a million times…NBC news is NOT a reliable source!!! With the way this administration lies, this may well be more fake news!!!

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@elbanditoroso cars were vandalized and set ablaze, and windows smashed in,

Traffic was at a crawl or stopped. It was the first time I ever saw the group Antifa.

A black woman I was standing in line with to pay a Comcast bill thought the Antifa rioters were Trump’s people, doing all the vandalism, arson, and head-smashing.

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