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Weird things found in fish filets before cooking -- any guesses what they were?

Asked by Soubresaut (13707points) June 8th, 2020

(Before anyone asks, we didn’t eat the fish. I wound up exchanging it at the store for a different product).

It was rockfish, if that matters. I was deboning the filets prior to cooking and kept finding these odd things embedded in the flesh of the filets—small, transparent, round, very firm. They reminded me a bit of silica beads, and that’s probably the best visual comparison I can offer. One was much larger than the others, but most were very close in size. Most of them were embedded in the meat, a few were encased in pus. They were in most of the filets (only one was entirely free of them).

We couldn’t figure out what they were. Anyone have any guesses/insights?

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plastic pellets—nurdles.

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Well cooked fish is the answer, probably parasites,

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Sounds like cysts but since they were already processed it can be hard to say.

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Perhaps actual plastic bits. Just a thought, since fish are eating an awful amount of our plastic waste.

An article which even mentions rockfish: Are Microplastics the New Fish Food?

Another article: Tiny Plastic Pieces Found in Seafood and Marine Life

Another article: The bad news is that fish are eating lots of plastic. Even worse, they may like it.

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