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Are you disappointed in Tropical Storm Cristobal?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28204points) 1 month ago

For all the buildup, it seemed to end up being a wimpy storm that just dropped a lot of water. No serious excitement, just a real pain in the butt.

Did the Weather Channel over-hype it? As they do frequently.

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Very disappointed. I was hoping for carnage and mass destruction.
Oh well.
If it is any consolation to you, Popocatépetl is erupting.

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“Disappointed” as in do I wish terrible damage had resulted and people left homeless or dead? Well, no. I’d rather they overhype than under-inform. I have to prep for hurricanes from time to time and I’d rather have done Too much than not enough.

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Nope – and I won’t be disappointed either if the murder hornets turn out to only sting. Nor will I be disappointed if the second wave is only a trickle.

By the way, I saw some fairly serious photos of flooding in Louisiana. I bet those people weren’t too “disappointed.”

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Yes of course. Nothing but record shattering carnage and death will do. We can’t just have a bad President. He must be the worst ever. The worst pandemic accompanied by the worst downturn, only the extremes will do. Otherwise life is but a yawn.

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Oh, they over hype all the weather. It’s like they’re trying to measure up to some actual disaster. In the last 10 years you’d think Kansas had no idea what a tornado is and what to do in case of one. (The answer, of course, is to climb up on the roof an look fer it.)

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It’s actually breaking a record. There’s never been a tropical system to reach this far NW since record keeping began. We will be feeling its effects here in Wisconsin this afternoon and tonight. Some areas could see 3–6 inches of rain with 20–30 mph winds and possible tornadoes.

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The storm is entering southern Wisconsin right now. Winds up to 60 mph.

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I barely was paying attention it was out there Even though it had some affect on where I live. I rarely watch the weather. When it was coming towards the US a friend who has a place in FL panhandle or AL, I’m not sure which mentioned it on Facebook so I looked it up. I saw it said it was going to make landfall as a Tropical Storm.

You might remember from previous Q’s that Floridians don’t get too caught up in storm reports unless it’s a hurricane 3 or higher. For a Tropical Storm we really don’t pay much attention. We prepare for direct hits, but most of us are semi prepared already for hurricane season. We actually just got through tax free week for hurricane prep.

That storm gave us a ton of rain in central Florida, and we were way way far away from the center. There was a tornado in Orlando that did some damage that I am assuming was related to Cristobal. The rain bands that came through here where I live definitely looked to be circulating in motion with Cristobal.

The Gulf was very choppy and grey with white caps. A friend of mine posted photos. It was her first time seeing the Gulf that way so she was in a state of shock.

@Jonsblond Wind gusts up to 60mph or sustained winds?

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Here’s a link about the tornado. Was the Weather Channel even in the Orlando area for the storm? Probably not.

Florida almost never gets tornadoes above F1, so it’s not like Kansas, but it still did some damage and displaced a lot of people. Thousands without electricity also.

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^Gusts. Our gusts are at 40 mph right now. It’s supposed to make landfall, or more appropriately named lake fall in Lake Superior in the morning. This is a first!

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@Jonsblond Hopefully, it doesn’t do too much damage. I’m glad it’s not sustained winds at 60mph, which would be amazing that far north. The tricky part is all that rain loosening up the earth. The trees can tip more easily.

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