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Desktop clock program?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) September 3rd, 2008

I don’t use the taskbar (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look to the bottom of the screen to find a grey/blue/black bar).

I use Object dock instead. Object Dock does not have a clock on it, and I don’t really want a dinky little clock on my dock anyway. The only thing I need is a desktop wallpaper that changes every minute with the time (synchronizing with the system clock).

I realize that this would have to come in the form a delegate program to change the wallpaper. Does anyone know of such a program to change the clock, preferably packaged with appropriate wallpapers for all the times of a digital clock readout?

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One way to do it would be to use Active Desktop and embed a Javascript webpage as your background,

something like this ..

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OK, open up notepad, and paste this in…

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=“JavaScript”>var clocksize=‘500’;</SCRIPT>

save it as clock.html
now open up your desktop settings and set you background to be this file…

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thanks a lot!!

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