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What are the different stages you go thru to get dentures?

Asked by Harper1234 (824points) 1 month ago

Also is it embarrassing to you that you have to wear dentures?
It frightens me to think about it.

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The bottom line up front is that if keeping your teeth is important to you then you will take the necessary action to keep them. Not easy or cheap.

The stages that you go through to lose your teeth is simple. Just stop working hard to keep them. If you never or rarely floss then your gums go bad while allowing bacteria and viruses free access to your body and over time your teeth fall out.

It’s good that you are frightened about losing your teeth. You will likely work hard with your dental hygiene and have regular dental exams and cleaning.

I’m 69 and have all my teeth. Well a lot of them have crowns and I have one implant. I will never have dentures (NEVER!).

Good luck and good health!

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First, you lose the teeth in question. They might have to be pulled, whatever. If all of your teeth go bye-bye, you have to deal with your jaw closing more than ever before, which is a switch from what I’ve heard. The gums need time to heal after the teeth are removed, and the swelling needs to go down before a mold can be made for the dentures. When you finally get the dentures, you can easily burn your mouth on hot food since the dentures have no sense of feeling. You keep the dentures in place with a denture adhesive. Your gums and the bone structure under the dentures will shrink as time goes by, so new dentures will have to be made from time to time.
That’s all I know.

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An alternative is implants. I have several. My dentist is a recognized expert. Not sure I’d want to chance it with someone whose track record is short.

Good care is important, but if you’ve inherited “soft” teeth, as I did from both parents, that may not be enough. However, early vigilance should make a lot of difference.

I know I was too casual about a lot of things when I was younger. Nobody yet has figured out how to get healthy young people to heed the warnings of their experienced elders.

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