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Doesn't physics allow cubes to roll down hills?

Asked by Nevada83 (791points) 1 month ago

My sister thinks cubes don’t roll down hills, but my understanding was due to the decline of the hill, almost anything will go down the hill.

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Might there be distinctions between roll, slide and tumble?

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Ok, valid point.

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If the hill was steep enough seems like anything would roll down it.
But as @stanleybmanly observes, roll implies something round

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@josie Correct, I wasn’t thinking completely. LOL

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It’s called the angle of repose, well known to earth scientists and physicists.

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That’s OK
I do the same thing.
Not often. :)

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@Josie, I ‘ve been known to tumble down a hill from time to time as well!

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I roll cubic dice all the time.

It depends on the degree of slope, and the friction, the initial velocity and position, and how far you want the cube to roll before it qualifies.

After all, I can roll dice on a flat surface, or up-hill, for some distance.

On a steep enough slope with enough friction on the surface, I believe it would continue to roll until it reached the bottom.

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I would think a cube would need an incline greater than 45 degrees to roll. Of course, it would need a lot of friction to keep it from sliding first.

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