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Now that talcum powder causes cancer what else can we use? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17017points) 1 month ago

For swamp ass, and male itch?

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Corn starch,

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@Yellowdog What about baking powder? Or gold bond medicated powder? The Google suggests cornstarch. Thanks.

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@Yellowdog Update: I put some baking powder in a wet rag and applied. It worked perfectly.

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Supposedly, powdered cocaine has much the same skin-calming attributes that talcum does, but without the carcinogenic side effects.

The problem, of course, is that it’s illegal and horrendously expensive.

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Corn starch and baking soda blend. Baking soda by its self can be a little abrasive. You can them both in the cooking/baking aisle.

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Corn starch, baking soda, and a spritz of after shave lotion.

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I was under the impression that only women were getting cancer from talcum powder. ?

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Yes, that’s true—Ovarian cancer,

Outside the body as in on the skin I aven’t heard any problem with.

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I use talc in ceramic glaze formulation. I have a 50lb bag of it in my studio.
It can make a nice matte glaze.
When I am using it, I use a respirator and gloves.Asbestos and airborne silica is a concern for sure.
Here is some info about it, if you are interested.

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My dad always used Corn Starch. My Gramps used a mixture of Corn Starch & Baking Soda. Not being a male, I never tried either of them. So, I say try BOTH & see which works best for you. I most definitely would NOT use the shaving lotion as suggested unless you’re a masochist!!!

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One of my daughters is allergic to corn, and so for her, both cornstarch and talc is out. She’s using tapioca flour instead. I haven’t heard any complaints so far. I found it in the baking section of our grocery store.

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I’ve tried using baking soda in my armpits before. Unless it’s dissolved in water, it changes the pH of my skin so much, I get pimples, and boy, do they hurt!

Be careful with baking soda, @RedDeerGuy1

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@snowberry Baking powder I used. Not baking soda. Also My pharmacist suggested Epson salts in my bath. I’ve been good all day with one wipe of a wet rag with baking powder.

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Use Baking Soda !!! Mixed with Corn Starch.

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@Tropical_Willie Ok I checked the box. It was baking soda. Thanks. I’m good for now

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@RedDeerGuy1 Since you don’t have ovaries & there’s NO evidence that talcum powder causes cancer in males, you should be safe to use baby powder if you choose to.

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