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How do you describe the color of hazel eyes?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) June 11th, 2020

Without looking it up.
Thank you for your effort.

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Eliminate eyes and describe hazel. Perhaps visualize the color of the nut. Bambi, more caramel than butterscotch, more bourbon than coke.

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Tan is closer.

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That is also brown.

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So why bother with hazel, when brown is sufficient?

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People are just very prone to pedantism.

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Or answering the question.

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Hazel is greeny brown; almost green with brown flecks. My Mother had hazel eyes.

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I’m wondering if the color is included on documents of identification. Would you know if your mom’s driver’s license lists her eyes as hazel?

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Greenish. Green with brown flecks.

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Green brown. I think of hazel as more green than brown.

The emphasis on which color can change depending on lighting, make-up, clothing, hair color, etc.

The lighter brown some people mentioned above I call amber or light brown. My husband has that color.

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My daughter’s eyes are hazel. Her driver’s license says so. They are green with a brown undertone.

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If her driver’s license didn’t say so, would you still know @zenvelo ? :D

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@JLeslie One of my brothers has hazel. They’re mostly green with flecks of brown.
As for amber, that color is beautiful and I don’t see it very often.

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I think there’s a range of hazel, just as there is of blue and brown, and not just one specific hue or blend.

When someone says hazel, I do expect to see some greenish and some light brown, sometimes even almost amber. To me the key is that it’s describable in terms of more than one color, as opposed to, say, shades of blue that are all blue.

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My dad had hazel eyes. My mom and one of my sisters had amber eyes.

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Greenish brown.

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I think it is supposed to mean like the bright reddish brown that hazel nuts are, but I think some people say hazel to mean other random colors, such as brownish.

Eye colors are a bit odd anyway, since when you really look at an eye, it’s generally made up of a mix of colors in a texture that looks really strange up close.

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Brownish with green flecks and blue flecks. Looked in mirror

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@lucillelucillelucille I don’t know if it occurs more often in some countries? His mom has eyes slightly lighter than his, they might be hazel I’m not sure. Eye color doesn’t always stick in my head well unless I take the time to make a mental note. She is Spanish and French.

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Aren’t hazel eyes multicolored by definition? So there’s no single color that could be described as the color of hazel eyes. They’re also not all the same, since they have different base colors and burst patterns. All we can really say is that hazel eyes typically have some shade of green as their base color and a burst pattern of brown or gold around the pupil.

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Hazel is green but not all green. Some are green base with brown or maybe amber flecks (or both). I have also seen brown base with green & tan flecks (or both) & they were also called hazel. My brother’s hazel eyes changed colors all during the day. He woke up with blue eyes & then somewhere around noon or 1:00 they turned hazel & changed to brown around 5–6:00pm. His doctor said it depended on how the light was refracting. The blue stopped happening somewhere around his 15–16th birthday & sometime during adulthood, they turned completely brown.

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My driver’s license says “HAZ”. Without looking up a definition, I would say hazel is not a color, it is a pattern. Like calico for cats or brindle for dogs.

Looking up the definition, I see:

Merriam Webster
“adjective – of eyes : of a variable color averaging light greenish-grayish brown”

Oxford English Dictionary
“noun – The reddish-brown colour of a ripe hazel nut, or (now more usually) a greenish-brown colour, especially as an eye colour”

“adjective – Reddish-brown or (now more usually) greenish-brown; of the colour hazel”

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@JLeslie -I had read somewhere that amber is more rare than green.
It is an unusual color.
I don’t recall if they mentioned ethnicity.

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@JeSuisRickSpringfield -I have always thought so. I wonder at what point the scale would tip towards hazel and not just brown or green?

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Not quite brown
Not quite green

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Picture a hazelnut with its skin. The color’s light-brown with green and/or grey undertones.

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I think of hazel eyes as a combination of green and brown. Not just light brown, some central or other focal heterochromia. I have blue/brown central heterochromia and hazel eyes to me look like a darker version of my eyes (which most people describe as green.)

Inspired_2write's avatar,be%20brown%2Fgold%20or%20green.

Under “Spectrum of Eye Color”
The third row 2nd what my eyes resemble most of.

Like the article as it expains what colors may mean medically. Etc

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Green with goldish brown flecks.

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