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How would your average space alien feel about current events in the USA?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11920points) June 11th, 2020 from iPhone

If there were aliens to weigh in on the state of the union, what type of recommendations might we expect?

I am not positing benevolent aliens. Just smart ones that have instant messenger.

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We might expect to be immediately deprived of the illusion that we are capable of governing ourselves. One look at our President and we would be damned lucky to be granted the amenities we ourselves might accord animals in a zoo.

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Let’s be honest any space alien that appeared over the US would be shot down by a civilian armed with the sort of thing that would make most other nations military jealous long before they’d had a chance to do anything else.

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@Lightlyseared is probably correct.

But assuming that the alien could land safely, he/she/it would be scooped up by the military and turned into a national secret.

So any alien smart enough to get here had better come with personal defenses and a compelling story, or else it would quickly become chopped liver.

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@elbanditoroso that is as plausible as an ant shooting down an aircraft with its spit.

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Can’t say. I only know above average aliens.

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@ragingloli – I am trying to understand what an average space alien is. What makes it average?

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@ragingloli I think you’re underestimating the amount of fire power the average US citizen can get a hold of while overestimating the technology level of any alien stupid enough to visit us

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“Is this real or is this a comedy?”

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I’ll call my MIL and get back to you.

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I strongly suspect that “if” an alien came to this world its for a take it over and be adequately armed with futuristic weapons far advanced then ours in the present.

I don’t think that any Politics would interest them at all.

Turn it around::::If you went to another planet would you be more interested in surviving rather than Wondering about “there Politics”?

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I wouldn’t worry about it, because Trump’s Space force will save us all!

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Doesn’t matter what Earths defences are, as if beings come froma more advanced cicilization then I imagine that they are far more advanced to offset Trumps space Force(lol).

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They’d take a look and say: “This is the best they can do? Feh!” and fly far, far away.

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Re: Delay of Introduction: Update:

The earth species known as “humans” continues to show many of the promising features first noted in the species’ discovery by earlier explorers. These features include, but are not limited to: caring for others [1]; symbolic communication [2]; creative enterprise [3]; inventiveness [4]; curiosity [5]; cross-species compassion [6].

However, I still observe many concerning features in human-developed social structures, whose presence leads me to believe that introductions and interventions, at this point, may not be sufficiently comprehensible by members of the species, and may not lead to a peaceful or productive dynamic. (Indeed, to the extent that such features resemble those found within the Ddrogol, we must take seriously the need to move forward with patience for fear of repeating that unfortunate outcome.)

As such, it is my opinion that we should once again delay the process of introduction. However, due to the persistence of such positive features as I mentioned above, I recommend we continue to study and observe the species as it develops, as contact may be a reasonable course of action at a later point.

Please see the attached report for a more detailed analysis.

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I think they would deduce we Earthlings need an intervention (especially in the U.S.)

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Such crazy naked apes. They love to hate, fight and kill each other for such insignificant reasons like different skin color or religion. Sad that they waste their short and precious lives.

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How should they intervene?

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If they had any sense at all they’d wipe you off the face of the earth & keep Trump as some kind of martyr to their cause.

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