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What is the difference between the different levels of Costco membership?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32387points) 1 month ago

Are there different benefits? Does it affect the cash back amounts on the Costco credit card?

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As far as I know only business members (the black card) receive cash back. And so far, we always receive $350–500 yearly which more than covers the $120 membership. It leaves me wondering to whom it is they’re selling my information and how much they’re getting for it. I don’t have a Costco credit card, just the membership.

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Yes, I agree with Stanley. It may cost me $120/yr, but I always get back more in cash back check than that.

Also, you get a glossy magazine in the mail. I usually throw it away unread.

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@Hawaii_Jake: I’m a Costco expert. I love Costco!

I have the Executive membership which is the $120 one. For 2019 I got back almost $500. I get tires, optical, pharmaceuticals, clothes, you name it. I have the Costco Visa which is my primary credit card.

Many people don’t realize that most of what’s on you don’t have to be a member to purchase. Just a heads up, much of what’s on is a little more than it is in the warehouse, and shipping is usually free. Some things are only sold in the warehouse, and some things are only sold on

When you order on, there’s a tally that will tell you “you’ve earned ______cash back with this purchase.”

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@Hawaii_Jake, the person with whom I share a $60 membership mentioned yesterday that she gets money back every year. She is the primary cardholder. I didn’t ask how much, (not by business), but like you, she is a single apartment dweller who does most of her grocery shopping there.

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