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Trump has moved the Republican convention to Jacksonville. (a) does anyone but the Florida governor want it there? and (b) since most conventioneers change planes in Atlanta, should Georgia have a say as to how many Georgians will be infected by sick republicans?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28203points) 1 month ago

Yes, this will bring in some money to Jacksonville and hotels and such, but what about the restaurant personnel, the hotel cleaners, the cab drivers, etc. – who will have to work for the republicans, who won’t be wearing masks, some of whom are carrying the virus?

And since there are comparatively few direct flights to JAX, a lot of people will be changing planes at Hartsfield Atlanta Airport. Do the republicans have any sense that they may be sickening Atlantans while passing through?

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Georgia is SOL. Fewer GOP voter for November !

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I think that people who don’t want to go shouldn’t. I think GA really can’t say a thing since they are leading the nation in opening back up. And I think people that ask these questions tend to politicize the virus. Where were these concerns when all the George Floyd protests were going on? When some Governors were changing social distancing rules to accommodate them? Seems like when it is a liberally supported activity it’s okay. When it is a conservatively supported activity it should be challenged.

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Georgia?! That governor was the biggest idiot of all, and my guess is all over GA people don’t wear masks. There is a good chance people are picking up Covid in Georgia from Georgians at the airport, not only from people in hot spot states.

Meanwhile, I have a few friends in Jacksonville, and none of them are happy about Trump coming to their town with throngs of maskless people. Floridians who take covid seriously are not very happy about anyone coming into our state at this point. Reports from my friends in JAX area say that a lot of people don’t wear masks there, it’s probably similar to The surrounding areas where I live, I’m an hour north of Orlando, or about 3 hours southwest of JAX.

I hope Trump or Pence don’t decide to come to where I live during their trip.

I have suspicion the Florida governor pushed for JAX over Orlando. It’s important from a tax revenue standpoint to keep Orlando as Covid free as possible. JAX is much more Republican than Orlando also.

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@elbanditoroso As I think you know, Georgia has already been infected by sick republicans!!! Our governor has been trying to kill us ALL off since we had our very first case. trump won’t be happy until he kills off the whole country. The convention is starting in Charlotte NC which is also a major airline hub although not as important as Atlanta & then moving to Jacksonville FL to complete the process which runs everybody through the ATL hub. Those who continue to another destination other than CLT or ATL will carry the virus throughout the country!!! The governor of SC is now telling the citizens that it’s not his place to protect them from the virus but it is their place to stay away from the virus as he sends them back to work.

Maybe IF the citizens of Georgia & NC are lucky, those rich republicans will choose to fly by private jet direct into JAX…or trump will fly them in on Air Force One!!!

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It’s silly to single out the convention as an extra risk at the airport. Total passenger volume they allow and what precautions they are taking is a question to look at system-wide. Micro-managing who in particular passes through is bad management.

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@seawulf575 The virus IS politicized. And it isn’t people asking questions that are responsible for it. There is just plain no avoiding it. But here’s the bottom line. The disease and its effects are clearly going to cost the fool his chances at re-election. Or to put it more bluntly, the fool’s mismanagement of the disease is going to cost him the election. The coffin count by November is going to be horrific. The current protests are indeed contributing to that tally as is any enterprise or endeavor predicated on crowds. But the decision to push a political convention which by definition is a crowd assembled for the purpose of A CROWD, must be judged on its rational probity. And as usual with anything Trump, probity is always dependably strangled. The fool is going to wear those coffins and all the flag pins and maga hats he might muster will not conceal them from the voters.

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New Zealand is COVID-19 Free Prime Minister is well on her way to be re-elected. She managed not like Bozo mismanaged from the get-go !

“Nobody knew there would be a pandemic or epidemic of this proportion.”

‘It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle – it will disappear’

“Hydroxychloroquine — I don’t know, it’s looking like it’s having some good results. That would be a phenomenal thing.”

“Americans will have access ‘to vaccines, I think, relatively soon”

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@LadyMarissa Why would Trump &\or Republicans, want to kill you or anyone else?

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@Tropical_Willie It is going to miraculously disappear once we’re all dead

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This seems pretty miraculous to me. Since it’s not a reliable source, it might be more fake news!!!

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@LadyMarissa I guess they weren’t trying to kill you after all.

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