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As someone who has dropped off of this site for a long time and been out of touch with the happenings, are Askville originals still hanging out here? Like, what's the latest?

Asked by CunningFox (1380points) 3 weeks ago

And at the risk of sounding like I’m 100, are there still people here who are familiar with old Askville? I really have no idea about the happenings of this website anymore. Did the Askvillains move on once again to somewhere else? I usually participate for a while, then drop off the face of the earth for a year or two, then hop back on for a while after Askville somehow pops back into my head.

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Yes, old Askville here.

I think there are one or two old Askvilleans here. StanleyBManly comes to mind – he’s active here.

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HEY!!! Don’t forget about me.
I was a regular on Askville as well.

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I joined Askville shortly before it folded shut on me like avenue flytrap. Fortunately I had Ibstubro’s phone number, and he brought me here.

I’m not trying to hard lately. I don’t feel a appreciated.
I can get treated like garbage on FB by people who know me.

My y name has changed, and I no longer remember the names of who I chatted with there.

My initial question was a book I wanted my daughter to read. I then got involved with a couple of games.

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I recall all these names. Patty Melt, I was in a similar situation as you. I was only on Askville for like a year and a half I think before it shut down (but I was like 15 so time seems longer then). Last I checked in here was when I heard of Ibstubro’s passing. Still upset about that, such a nice man.

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legends die hard.

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I had to go back to a 2009 thread to check my answer, but yes, I came over from Askville. My stay there in 2008 was very brief, but that’s when the migration to Fluther occurred, and I followed.

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I was there for about three years.

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I was there from 2008 until 2013.

Wish I could still see the old threads,

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Yup, I joined Fluther when Askville invoked the temporary banning of the Askville 16. (17 people were banned, 1 of whom started the trouble. I wasn’t one of them, but several friends were.) Many Askvillains didn’t stay on Fluther, but some of us are still here.

I was on a Zoom birthday party last night that included five former Askvillains.

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@tedibear what was the temporary banning of the askville 16? That was before my time on there.

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@CunningFox – Essentially, one member was quite rude in telling another member who was in cancer treatment (and not for the first time, nor for the last) that she should be concentrating on her health, not playing around on Askville. The woman in treatment was isolated from her family a good part of the time, and used Askville to reach out to her online friends. 15 other people jumped in and told the rude member how far out of line she was. A brawl ensued, and 17 people were banned for a couple of weeks.

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@tedibear Wow, I wasn’t aware of any of that situation! Thanks for the history. Weird hearing about stuff that happened before I ended up there.

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I didn’t know the story either. I literally joined days before the Askville is gone message. There was a smiley face that some of us thought must be a bot. I don’t remember anything that was posted, except it just seemed to respond to certain words and phrases, but no proper context.

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