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What are some better alternatives to simply cancelling "Paw Patrol" over their dangeriously unrealistic portrayal of police?

Asked by ragingloli (48768points) June 14th, 2020

For example, they could just make the show more realistic, by turning the pups into vicious bloodhounds that needlessly brutalise their victims, with the one token good dog, that gets mauled to death for his trouble.

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The favorable alternative is to age to 5 when you should outgrow it.

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I think they should have an episode where Chase shoots a black lab in the back 17 times and quits in shame and then is replaced by a “community organizer” poodle.

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Only one of the dogs (Chase) is a police officer, and he’s a German shepherd (like most American police dogs). One possibility is to replace him with a mediator or intervention officer of some sort (since those are among the possible replacements for cops that police abolitionists have supported).

But if they want to keep him, maybe we should decide that the problem isn’t the behavior of the cartoon dog but the behavior of real world police. Laws could be passed that held officers accountable to the standards that children’s cartoons have taught people to expect, and independent agencies could be created to investigate and prosecute those who fail to live up to those standards. Either way, Chase should probably be renamed to something more neutral like “Fuzz” or “Flatfoot.”

@Demosthenes That sounds strangely familiar.

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@Irukandji Lol I knew I had seen that in a gag headline somewhere but couldn’t find it.

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@stanleybmanly -Now that’s just plain funny ;)

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Only if you’re over 5.

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Area Golden Retriever claims pawlice brutality isn’t a thing because he’s never experienced it

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