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Will you choose short or long hair this summer?

Asked by Joyforjoy (88points) 3 weeks ago

I have hair up to my waist. I want to try short hair recently, but I’m hesitant.

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I just got a beautiful lob cut, at my shoulders. It feels so much cooler. But my hair grows thick and fast so it isn’t a big deal.

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I also have long hair, it was waist length for a while but it’s more like bra-strap length right now, mid-back. I am attached to it, even though I probably could stand something lightened up and with more movement. I’ve been thinking about it but it’s hard to take the plunge.

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Just got a haircut for the first time in 3 months few minutes ago. Really short.

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My hair is around collarbone length. I will keep it that length or maybe a little shorter. I haven’t had a cut in a few months due to the closings of salons but I have an appointment Tuesday and he will probably take off an inch or two.

@Joyforjoy: In December you asked about hair loss. Maybe your very long hair is too heavy and is contributing to hair loss. Maybe if you get a few feet cut off, it will be less heavy and will be less likely to fall out.
Your question from December:

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Short, always.
Better for cooling, easier to wash, easier to dry, no hasslesome hairstyling needed.

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My wife has been bugging me to let my hair grow. When it gets long, it gets really unruly until it is really long. I let it go for a few months, but it was just getting too hot to deal with so I got it cut short again. I can always wear a hat if I need to.

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I love long hair on women, but I understand how hard it can be to take care of. Just don’t make a hurried decision.

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I find longer hair much easier to manage than short. Short hair requires so much fussing, for me, and there’s no fallback, no way to hide a bad hair day. Longer hair has lots of options—and in hot weather it goes up, completely off the neck and shoulders: maximum cool.

It does take an hour and a half to dry naturally, whereas for short hair it’s quick, but I can use a hair dryer or hot brush to speed it up when necessary.

So, no cut for me, although I’ll gladly take a trim of the raggedy ends when I can get back into the salon.

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I will choose wild, longish hair because I have no choice

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Up to? Isn’t it down to?

Long is easier so I’ll stay long. I can just pull it into a ponytail if it’s a mess. Short hair I have to spend time on, and I have to wash it or wet it down at minimum every day or I have bed head. Plus, my face shield rests on my ponytail.

My hairs isn’t very long, it’s just below shoulders, just long enough so all the hair will go up in a ponytail.

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My hair was down to my waist when I had my stroke. At that point, I couldn’t take care of it & it looked terrible; so, I had it cut really, really short to where I could style it one handed. That was 30 years ago & I’m still keeping it short. During the winter, I allow the back to grow thicker to assist in keeping my head warm when it’s cold outside. When the weather heats up, my hairdresser thins out the back & cuts the rest, so it’s cooler for the summer months.

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My hair is almost as long as it was in the 1970s; since my last haircut was in March. Thank goodness I have an appointment for Thursday to get it cut back to normal, it has been bothering me being over my collar.

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