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What is a good name for a food pantry?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11964points) 2 weeks ago

My family wants to build a small roadside pantry where people in need are able to grab some food to get them by. It would rely on other’s donations and we’re also hoping to get a farmer in the area to participate in donating some fresh food once in awhile.

We are currently trying to come up with a name for this pantry. We came up with “Helping Hunger Food Pantry”. Do you have any suggestions on catchy names that clearly state what it’s purpose is?

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The Food Exchange

LL Food Pantry

Helping Hands Food Pantry

Evergreen Food Pantry

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Pantry raid.

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@JLeslie I can’t decide which one of those I love the most! They’re all great.

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Great! I’m glad my answer was helpful. I am sure some other jellies will have good answers.

I like the exchange, because maybe even people who are in need have something to give. Kind of like when we trade candy after Halloween. Or, they volunteer to help run it? Plus, It could grow into an exchange of other things too. A place people can list work they can do for extra money or even for food. I don’t know, maybe that is too idealistic. Or, maybe then you need a disclaimer you are not representing anyone. Possibly, too complicated to take it into other avenues.

I guess pantry is more commonly recognized though, so more self explanatory.

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Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.

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Curbside Pantry or

Pantry by the Roadside

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The Justice Larder

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The Food Connection
The Food Community
Communal Pantry

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My first thought was already taken by @JLeslie. I also like her idea of the exchange part of it. So, meshing them together, how about Helping Hand Food Exchange? Maybe that will put the idea in their head to take one & leave one!!!

I also saw a new item on a family that had put together every jig saw puzzle that they had during the covid lockdown & the store had none, so they started a swap closet where they put all their already completed puzzles with a note on the door that you were welcome to take one but it would be appreciated if you’d leave one in it’s place. Now their puzzle closet is overrun with new puzzles & they’re thinking about making a 2nd closet.

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Food For Thought
Pantry Liners :D

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Food Connection sounds nice also.

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A Hand Up
Holding Hands Food Pantry
A Full Pantry

and a silly one….Midnight Snack

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The Give and Take

Because life is full of give and take, and that’s literally what will be happening. Some people will donate food, and others will using the bounty.

Another one would be Neighbor’s Bounty.

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The People’s Pantry

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Healthy Cupboard Help

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Friends in Need Food Pantry

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You don’t want to “help hunger”.

A Longer Table?
“If you are more fortunate than others, it’s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.” — Unknown

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