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Any good hair gel or hairspray?

Asked by benzy (13points) September 3rd, 2008

answer please

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Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray, Maximum Hold is great!
It holds amazingly well and actually smells pretty good. It isn’t that sticky when it gets on your skin, either.

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Btw, no need for the ‘answer please’, we’ll answer!

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I like the Fructis stuff. I use the Red capped one, but have used the green one as well. Just like the red one better cause it’s more pliable.

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what kind? do you want shiny hair? matte hair? do you want soft curls? etc.

i personally use the black Gatsby wax for straighter, matte, and spiky hair. hehehe

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Paul Mitchell makes a leave-in Tea Tree conditioner.

I think it’s great for short hair, providing all day workability without stiffness.

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