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What do you do to relax?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) June 18th, 2020

I saw this article, watched the video and decided that the idea of seeing UFOs while out in the woods is not calming.
What relaxes you?

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Hang with my doggies
Sit by the ocean
Walk in the city

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I’m a naturally relaxed person as it is, but further chill out methods include the following…

Long walks with Oscar
Watch a movie alone
Listen to music in earphones
Toss M&M’s off strangers heads

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@cookieman -Water does that for me too.
@ucme -M&M throwing sounds entertaining..

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A good long walk usually does the trick for me. Better if I am in nature rather than in town..

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I meditate and do yoga. It helps me when I feel bad. I learned Transcendental Meditation, but it costs money, so insight timer is a free app with guided meditations. I also like to go to the park and walk around and drink coffee. Your basics.

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Watch TV with my feet up.
Sit on my back patio.

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My favorite place is my deck. I live across the street from a lake, and I can see some of the lake between the neighbors’ houses. Also, I take my daughter and her friends down to the beach area, and sitting there is very relaxing, seeing the boats and sky and the beautiful water.

That’s for part of the year, as the deck and lake are not feasible in cold weather or when the sun goes down early. I do crafts, which is enjoyable.

Sitting in a bookstore and having coffee is relaxing, although there are not as many bookstores around as there were 20 years ago.

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Usually I clean house (yes it relaxes my OCD), go fishing or shed hunting in the woods, or go through bills/planner (sounds odd, but once it’s done, I relax knowing it’s under control.) And lay in bed with my dogs with curtains pulled and kind of zen out.
Water energizes me more than relaxes me. Aquarius.

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@KNOWITALL -Shed hunting?Abandoned buildings?

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@lucillelucillelucille haha, no you city slicker, deer sheds, the antler’s they leave in the woods. That’s so funny, I’ll have to tell the boys that one!

People use them to make furniture, lamps and all kinds of cool things. Dogs love to chew on antler’s, too and they’re pricey. About $10 for a small dog bone antler at the local swap meets.

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@KNOWITALL -We call them “deer hats” around these parts.
“This is a shed

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@lucillelucillelucille haha, okay, never heard that ‘deer hat’, I’ll tell the guys! Where are you at again?

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I should tell you that two of my brother in laws are hunters and my hub used to as well as a few old BFs. I personally can’t do it or eat it unless I am tricked. XD
They never once said deer hat.That was me.starting rumors about deer again. but tell them anyway
Around here, they should be called “deer hit“as they can’t stay away from cars.

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@lucillelucillelucille Haha, you got me!

Can’t what, eat deer meat? Oh sister you are missing out!
I don’t hunt either, just target practice for fun. I will cook anything though and deer loin and deer brauts are the best!

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@KNOWITALL _ Yep. I have it sometimes in chili if I go to my sister’s. I also had it with mushrooms and onions that a friend’s husband made that was pretty good.
My husband’s co worker once had a bunch of sausage made, gave us some, then told us how long it took him to find the carcass.way too long We were grossed out.
This same guy told him that while out hunting, he once pooped in the hood of his coveralls and not knowing, pulled his hood back on. He had to hike miles out of the woods wearing his new hat.
It is stories like his that keep me from going out of my way to eat venison. Lol
I have also had elk before. Now that was bad.

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@lucille Sounds to me like you just need to eat my venison recipes! My jerky is amazing on the dehydrator. My husband got an elk his first time out and we loved the meat.
Mo Conservation has a wild game cookbook that has some great recipes i can send you.

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@KNOWITALL -Thanks for the offer but cooking & I don’t get along.
I’ll just show up at dinnertime with some cold ones XD

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A hot bubble bath – or, lacking a tub, a really good steam with a shower bomb

Walks in the forest with dogs, especially when it’s rainy and I don’t meet people

Walks with friends

Game nights

Watching a crackling fire and roasting bread-on-a-stick

Leisurely bike rides

Watching “happy” shows or reading, preferably with cookies and milk

Mindfulness exercises such as observing my breath, listening to sounds, or noticing how my body is grounded by gravity

Naps cuddling with my husband

Playing tug with the dog

Gardening, especially while listening to a podcast

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Browse Etsy for house plants, sketch, and lately I’ve been watching a YouTube channel that I found of a guy who opens old MRE packages from around 50 or so years ago and eats what’s inside. I find that relaxing. Lol I’m weird.

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Haha…YouTube is so weird. strong

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@Mama_Cakes -A friend gave me an MRE from the 80’s.It was a brownie.
I almost went for it XD

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MRE’s have no fiber
Hence they are Meals Requiring an Enema
No relaxation there.

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@josie -I will now question my trouble making friend the next time I talk to him.

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I ride a Fatboy. Harley that is…perv.

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