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What is the best Clint Eastwood movie?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34320points) June 18th, 2020

I like a lot of his movies so it’s hard to pick.
It’s alright to say “Bronco Billy”.

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Now there’s a question!
I want to say all of them except Bronco Billy!

I know you won’t let me off with that so…
His best is The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

I love so many more though, the list would take me all day.

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Josey Wales
Pale Rider
Dirty Harry
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot
Escape From Alcatraz
High Plains Drifter

Just a few of my faves.

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Play Misty For Me.
So weird. I was thinking about that movie about an hour ago.

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@RabidWolf @chyna @ucme -All good ones. I was listening to his interview on The Actor’s Studio.
I’d like to add Gran Torino.

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Million Dollar Baby but I haven’t seen many of the Western ones. I walked out of Dirty Harry.

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For a Few Dollars More.

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What about that one in 2012 where he talked to an empty chair?

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^^ I disagree with his politics but I still think he’s a very good film maker.

@lucillelucillelucille Gran Torino was a good one too.

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@chyna:Play Misty for Me is my fave, too!

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I’m a hopeless romantic, so Bridges of Madison County is my number one.

Also loved Two Mules for Sister Sarah, Every Which Way But Loose, Pale Rider, Outlaw Josie Wales, American Sniper.

Since I’ve watched him on screen most of my life, Gran Torino and The Mule both have emotional significance for me, watching as his career ending as an old man is very touching.

We also love watching his son’s movies, Scott, who is his spitting image and not a bad actor himself.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Gauntlet

and let’s not forget

Back to the Future III (in name only)

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@KNOWITALL – according to what I have read, Shirley Maclaine thought that Two Mules was one of her worst movies, and she really didn’t like interacting with Clint during filming.

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@kritiper -I don’t think I’ve seen that one.Yet:)\
@hmmmmmm Never did see it but I’ve heard the reviews…
@canidmajor -I might have to watch that again
@KNOWITALL -I liked the movie more than the book.Gran Torino definitely has significance for me As for Josey Wales, Dan George’s character is one of my all time favorites:)
Scott Eastwood-Woo!
@elbanditoroso -TGTB&TU was a good one

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@elbanditoroso Meh, it’s a spaghetti western, she should lighten up. :)

@lucillelucillelucille My husband really likes Scott’s acting and seeks out his movies. I just enjoy the eye candy personally!

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@KNOWITALL You & I both. The only thing I saw him in was a bit part in Gran Torino

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The Good, The Badand the Ugly.

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@lucillelucillelucille Oh honey, you are missing out. (rawr)

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“Where Eagles Dare”
“Two Mules For Sister Sara”
“Paint Your Wagon”

Actually, the old sex pot has never made a bad movie. His Dirty Harry series didn’t do much for me, but he still looked sexy as hell and that was all I wanted from him. Yep, that’s a lie, but what I wanted and what I expected were 2 different things ;)

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The good, the bad and the ugly.

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@KNOWITALL I might have to check it out.
@SEKA Was Paint Your Wagon a musical or am I just thinking of a Simpson’s episode?
“the old sex pot” cracked me up!.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me -That one seems to be a favorite.

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Oh, @SEKA, I forgot about Paint Your Wagon!

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@lucillelucillelucille Yes, it was a musical; but more important, it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever watched. It was based on a Broadway play and Lee Marvin and Clint were hilarious

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I also really like Play Misty for Me.

Here are some less known works that I like or at least intrigue me:

Revenge of the Creature

Here are some quotes from The Deadpool, which I think is the 5th Dirty Harry movie:

Harry Callahan: Do you have any kids, lieutenant?
Lt. Ackerman: Me? No.
Harry Callahan: Lucky for them.

Peter Swan: Do you mind, gentlemen? I happen to be at a funeral.

Harry Callahan: Like to talk to you about your list.

Peter Swan: It’s no big secret. Most of the cast and crew knew about it. I didn’t tell you because the dead pool is just a harmless game.

Harry Callahan: Sounds pretty sick to me.

Peter Swan: Let me tell you something, Callahan. People… people are fascinated with death and violence. That’s why my films make money. They’re an escape, a vicarious release of fear. Same thing with this game. Nobody takes my films or the dead pool seriously.

Harry Callahan: Well, someone gave Squares the drugs that killed him – maybe it was you.

Peter Swan: You can’t tie me into Johnny’s death just because of a coincidence. My assistant and my effects supervisor were playing the game too, why don’t you talk to them?

Harry Callahan: Oh, we will – but nobody on their list is dead yet.

Peter Swan: Hey, look, Callahan, Johnny was a major drugs user, and I predicted he’d die this year, but that’s all I did. Don’t you get it? The whole idea is to pick celebrities who aren’t going to make it, because they’re old, or because they’re sick or because they’re in a high-risk profession.

Harry Callahan: Like police work?

Peter Swan: Nothing personal, love.

Harry Callahan: I don’t like your list, Swan. I don’t like being on it.

Peter Swan: Ah, that’s, that’s what this is really all about, isn’t it? Well, if you got a charge to make…

Harry Callahan: Maybe I’ll start my own dead pool, and put you on it.

Peter Swan: You threatening me?

Harry Callahan: You want to play the game, you’d better know the rules, love.

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@lucillelucillelucille It doesn’t count as a movie, but “Rawhide” comes on every Saturday at 3:00pm on MeTV and I make sure to be home to get my Rowdy fix. OMG, he was easy on the eyes when he was younger. Speaking of, I love his son Scott almost as much as Clint. It’s like getting a do over!

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I love the “Rope Operas” on MeTV’s Saturday schedule!

Did you know there’s an episode of Trackdown where Robert Culp says, “You’re under arrest, Trump!”?

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@SEKA -Lee Marvin played a good bad guy.
I have seen a few episodes of that series but a photo I was saw of him on a studio lot in a swim suit lifting weights is what stands out.
I was shocked at his musculature as I always thought of him on as a little on the skinny side. Not so.

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I thought one of Eastwood’s more implausible scenes, was where he beat up big bad Bill Smith with one hand, after he (Eastwood) broke his wrist in Any Which Way You Can.

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@Brian1946 -That makes him even more dreamy.

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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.
Kelly’s Heroes.
In The Line Of Fire.
A Fistful Of Dollars
Flags Of Our Fathers
Letters From Iwo Jima.

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@SEKA haha, you said it. The main is gorgeous, from Rawhide to his later works, he’s just blessed in the looks department. His son looks just like him in Rawhide, to me.

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@filmfann -I have to check some out on your list.

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A couple come to mind

Where Eagles Dare
Play Misty For Me
The Outlaw Josie Wales
Escape from Alcatraz
Absolute Power
Gran Torino
The Mule

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I guess I would have to include Outlaw Josey Wales. I had an instructor who called me Josey because he thought I reminded him Josey Wales. Unfortunately, he could not spell very well so he spelled it Josie on the roster. As in Josie and the Pussycats.

I got lots of shit for that. Everybody got a good laugh.

But my favorite is In the Line of Fire- the aging Secret Service guy, tormented by his failure to save Kennedy, is redeemed in the end, plus he gets the girl. Great stuff.

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@josie I got many on my list to see now.

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MMMMMMMMMM. I had a very delightful Clint Eastwood Day! My husband and daughter were out visiting with grandma today and I had the house and TV all to myself :)

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@SEKA Which did you watch, and did you enjoy it/ them?

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I watched those that I listed and then I dove into the spaghetti westerns. I was streaming on my Roku, so I chose the first 3 and then pulled up “Clint Eastwood” and started from the top and worked my way down until my family returned home. Damn if he wasn’t gorgeous when he was in his early-mid 30’s :}
Actually, he is still damn good looking for being around 90

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He turned 90 last month.

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^ Thanks. I knew he was getting close, but didn’t remember how close

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Gran Torino was my favorite.

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It appears that we have lost the OP since she asked this Q. Anybody know if she’s OK

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@SEKA She and two or three others left on the same day a couple of months ago.

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But I love her still…

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@chyna Well damn, I liked her! Did she go away mad or just decided it was time to go

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