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What would you like for Father's Day, or if you had to guess, what do you think a dad would really want for Father's Day?

Asked by jca2 (15736points) June 19th, 2020

I’m just watching a morning show where they asked dads what they would really want for Father’s Day. The top answers were a glass of whiskey, a beer, a steak, and to be left alone.

If you’re a dad, what would you really like for Father’s Day?

If you’re not a dad or just want to take a guess, what would you think a dad would really like for Father’s Day?

I remember for Mother’s Day, my good friend said she told her kids she just wanted to be left alone.

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My kids are my gift & I’m happy to get the same one every year since 96’
Corny as hell, but true!

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Since my two kids who are older (in their twenties) are living with me, all I would like is for one of them to plan dinner, and then maybe watch a movie Sunday night.

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A new, bigger TV or a new lounge chair. Or both.

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Kinda disappointing that so many people want to be left alone; is that really all anyone can think of? My dad was always difficult to shop for but he appreciated the gifts that I put some thought into. Usually gifts for my dad were more on the practical side. Now I mostly buy him books, but then again, I get everybody books. And going out to dinner with my parent on their day is a tradition, even if it couldn’t be done this year. But my parents never took it as a day to be left alone.

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I don’t want gifts.
I would love a zoom call with all my kids.

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@filmfann wrote what I want.

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A dad would want beer, meat, a 24hr voucher at the local brothel, and then to be left alone.

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@ragingloli Right? xD How stereotypical is some of this? When I’m a dad I’ll want my kids to take me to the symphony. :)

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I think my dad really enjoyed when we planned a surprise visit to see Monty Python’s musical “Spamalot”. If he had known about the price, his day would have been ruined – so it was vital for him to not be involved in the planning. Being surprised, he was able to let go. He laughed so hard!

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A super duper grill that we can’t afford.

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You could just get him some of these

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“Damit” is right.

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@Demosthenes: My guess is that the comments about being left alone are said half in jest.

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@jca2 There’s a gag on The Simpsons where Krusty the Clown, advertising a cruise, says to his audience, “Hey kids! How about this Mother’s Day you give your mom what she really wants: a break from you!” I can understand that. My mom says she doesn’t even need a gift, just saying “happy mother’s day” would be enough. I still give her a gift though. :)

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My dad liked anything having to do with golf.

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My Dad liked getting clothes, hats, scarves. I hate shopping, but I liked buying him those.

I tell my daughter every year I don’t want gifts, I just want to hang out with her (which we always do anyway), but for the past five years or so she’s obsessed with lots of gift giving — so I go along with it, even if I dint really need anything.

“...a glass of whiskey, a beer, a steak, and to be left alone.” — I found these answers to be so sad, and I love to be alone.

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I think dad’s say to be left alone, because they, and possibly their whole family, think of dad as the breadwinner and the discipline heavy.
You see that from answered like six pack, and big screen. I think what dads want for a special day is to have time to play, be friends not just the authority, relax from pressures.
That would take shape according to dad’s base personality. Some would love to spend the day doing auto restoration with kid(s). Some might like getting out the old erector set from the attic. Some might want to have a BBQ, and play catch with the kids and the dog.
So basically, a day of focusing on his interests, not everybody else’s.

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“... a day of focusing on his interests, not everybody else’s’

@Patty_Melt: I think that’s totally valid too. In fact, I’m doing that today, pre Father’s Day. Of course, for me that involves sitting in my car by the ocean, reading comics all day — but to each their own.

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@Patty_Melt: Yeah, after thinking about it, I thought I bet the dads don’t want to be asked to do any chores on that day.

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“... asked to do any chores on that day.”

In 2020, do adults still have to be “asked” to do chores, or do you, ya know, just do them ‘cuz it’s your flipping home too?

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I am going to watch an online Caravan concert at the Cambridge Rock Festival virtual concert, and then I’m getting together online with some friends for a beer.

Normally this weekend I would be at the Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival in Grass Valley, CA but it was cancelled this year.

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Blue Grass here was cancelled too. Along with the Fair. ;(

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