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Does anyone have predictions around tomorrow’s Oklahoma death rally?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) June 19th, 2020 from iPhone

Should we regard attendees as heroic?

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Wait 14 to 21days. There will be fewer Trump followers.

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It’s going to get ugly tomorrow, that’s for sure.

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I predict the Okies will be fine. Ha!

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Some people are going to be really, really sorry that they went.

And some people will never be sorry for anything.

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Who is “we”?
What does “we” even mean?

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I just feel bad for the doctors and nurses that have to clean up after this mess.

I’m going to flashback to 1997. I was working at a movie theater as an usher. We mostly hid and ate stolen nachos. But when we weren’t doing that we had to clean theaters.

So it was a normal Monday morning. It should have been slow, I should have done nearly nothing my entire shift. You see, normally schools would send us their schedule so we could have the appropriate staff on hand. But this Monday slipped through the cracks. Every school in the county had a in-service day.. And I was alone cleaning a 8 screen 2.5K seat theater.

Instantly everything went horribly wrong. One person selling tickets. I know how to sell tickets too. I will help. Now those people want popcorn and sodas, I need to help tearing tickets too. Finally, relief, time for Cinnabon and Sbarros.

Then all the movies got out. And we had things planned so it went in bunches so we could schedule breaks. Every seven minutes a movie would get out and we could get in there and clean the place. Seven minutes was actually a lot of time if you have four people in there cleaning and it was a normal day.

But this was not a normal day. School was out and kids are messy little fuckers.

So I was alone, on a day with really messy people and I was losing my shit. And to top it off nobody, nobody would come in to help us out. We called the entire staff list and everyone had an excuse because they knew they would be in the shit too. Time and a half wouldn’t entice them either.

So in the end I take off the stupid vest and bowtie and my shirt and I am running around theaters topless with a leaf blower and covered in sweat erotic. We used leaf blowers to blow all the popcorn and lids and stray candy to the screen and then we would sweep it all up.

There was no sweeping on this day. Everything was just blown to the front and the mice had a party. Seriously, theaters are rat heavens. Popcorn gets behind the screen and in the subs and in the curtians and we had rat poison everywhere. We would find dead ones in the hallways and we would pretend like it was trash and not a big deal. At least a few dead rats a day. Nibble on that.

Were we at 100% theater capacity? No, only about 95%. But 100% is worst case. So when you say it is all good until you hit 100% ICU what you are saying is there will be a lot more dead rats in the hallways and the employees at the hospitals will really dread being at work and will be burned out and you are going to be their pile of popcorn that we just just don’t have enough time to put you in the dumpster or make sure that ventilator is working exactly right.

But masks are for pussies, so whatever.

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I read that a large group of black 2A supporters are marching in Ok today, too. Now that will be interesting near a boiling point. Really could turn into a historical day, good or bad.

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19000 attendees

3% infection rate = 570 cases

1% mortality = approximately 6 deaths.

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Wow, @johnpowell, what a story (and what an analogy). I haven’t turned to today’s news yet—just getting going with coffee—but I don’t expect to read anything today that makes a stronger impression.

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I have been watching the news and it seems like a fair number of people that are outside in lines are actually wearing masks. So I guess that is good.

There was this one guard letting people in that was wearing a mask but had it pulled down below his nose. Which actually doesn’t bother me that much. But then he was talking to a lady that was wearing a mask and she pulled her mask all the way down when talking to him. And it was loud so she was talking really loud about 8 inches from his face. Not great.

I would imagine the masks come off quickly once people get inside and it gets hot and you are sweaty and you want to cheer and shit.

And does anyone want to bet ($5 to the charity of our choice (but not political campaigns since I don’t want to end up on a mailing list)) that Trump suggests people take off their masks during his actual speech? I have a feeling he will tell people to take them off for Freedom or something stupid like that.

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@johnpowell Trump probably will say something like that.

The question is: Are the people at the rally likely to blindly follow their Fuehrer? Or will they think for themselves?

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