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How I make tea?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) September 3rd, 2008

There’s this awsome little tea shop down on church st. in burlington, VT. Maybe you’ve heard of it, it’s called Dobrah Tea. Anyway, they have an amazing collection of loose tea leaves, and i have no idea what i would need to acquire in order to make said tea in my room in the morning. help?

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Just get a tea ball to put the loose tea leaves in. Then just make it like youd make tea in a bag.

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You can also get a tea pot with a strainer built in.

Examples of brewing equipment.

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You could also purchase empty tea bags.

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A way to boil water, a mug, something to strain the tea so that there aren’t leaves in it. Assuming you don’t have a stove in your room, you could get one of these, and then you could get a tea ball as suggested above, or something like this (I have one, it’s great).

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Heat the water until just boiling. Pour over the tea ball (that you have filled to just less than 1/2 full). Steep several minutes (depends on type of tea and how strong you like it)> For example, a nice English breakfast or darjeeling five minutes.

Drink as is or with milk and sugar or with lemon.

Have fun exploring all the possibilities. I love all types, especially white tea (just drink that straight—make sure it is not mixed with fruit flavors).

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You can also use a french press. Loose tea is the best!

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It depends on what sort of tea. With English or Irish breakfast tea, boil the water in a steel kettle (you want to avoid plastics because they leech into the water and spoil the taste). If you’re using loose leaf tea, first warm the teapot by pouring a little boiling water into it and sloshing it around, then put two teaspoons of tea in the pot, followed by the rest of the water.

To get the most taste from the leaves, you want the entire surface of the leaf to be surrounded by boiling water, so stir the pot periodically for 3–5 minutes, depending on how strong you want the cup to be. Then, pour a little milk (it’s always better to use less if you’re unsure about the ammount – you can always add more) into a ceramic mug or china teacup (again, avoid plastics and under no circumstances should you use a styrofoam cup). Finally, pour the tea in and enjoy!

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It depends on what you’re looking to do. If you want to make a thermos of tea to take with you in the morning, then brew it with a tea ball or use a teapot and pour through a strainer. Give it about 5 minutes (practice makes…), doctor how/if you want, and run.

If you want to make it more of an experience, get a very small pot (I recommend glass) and strainer (either the strainer’s built in and you put the tea inside, or you mix the tea loose in the pot and pour through a separate strainer). This way, you can enjoy your tea in consecutive steepings. Pour into pot…wait…pour into cup…drink…repeat. This is the best way to enjoy good teas since they changes over time.

If your shop carries lots of loose tea, I bet they have decent accouterments. See what appeals to you. Alternately, there’s a ton of stuff online. Great idea if you’re looking for something for that holiday list.

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You need a vessel to boil water in, usually a kettle, and a teapot to put the tea leaves in followed by the boiled water.
Bring the water to a rolling boil. While it is doing this, place the tea in the teapot. How much will depend on factors such as how strong you like it and what kind of tea it is; read the box/tin to see how much they recommend. Once the water has reached a boil, pour it into the teapot and let it steep for a while (3–5 minutes) while discussing world events with your SO or neighbor. Again, the amount of time will depend on your taste. Pour it from the teapot into awaiting china cups, with saucers please, add milk, cream, lemon, sugar, gin, whatever, to taste.
Pre-teabag I remember mom always had a tea strainer (do they even make them any more?) which she would hold up over the cuppa as she poured it from the teapot to catch the leaves.

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