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Is this normal for a car salesman to ask?

Asked by josephineflowers (4points) 1 week ago

I am trying to finance a car. I am a woman and 31 years old. The car salesman I have been working with has been not very communicative. I have to check in with him through text and email to get him to respond to me (since I work a lot), however, when my father spoke to him, he gave him instant information and even deadlines when he’d call back and follow up. Unfortunately, he does not follow through with me often. I thought everything was good to go until he requested every single paystub from my current job and previous. I already sent him paystubs from my current job and even a W2. Is this normal to ask for?

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Find another dealership, or tell the present one you want a woman salesperson. And when you do buy a car elsewhere, be certain to swing past the lot of Mr. Helpful to show off your car. You will find it satisfying, and I’m sure his boss will get a kick out of it.

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How’s your credit? That might explain the paystub thing. Being rude to you though—there’s no excuse. Is there a reason why you want this particular vehicle from this particular dealer? I’d go elsewhere if possible. You also might want to let the GM from his dealership know why you’re taking your business elsewhere.

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No. You should go through your bank for better terms and professionalism. Car dealer loans are often predatory.
Anytime you are pre-approved they treat you like a Queen. I’d definately walk away.
Even with terrible credit, they should treat you better as you pay 40k for your 30k vehicle.

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He is being totally disrespectful. Go to another dealership. Also, check with your bank or credit union for cheaper interest rates.

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Go get financing from your local credit union. If they won’t give you a loan you probably can’t afford it. Car dealerships are predatory and if you finance through them I guarantee you are getting screwed over.

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So disrespectful not to respond to you. I’d go somewhere else. My husband and I won’t buy from the company here that owns several dealerships, everything from Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Acura. I might be missing one. They are disgusting. I leased a Kia three years ago because of it, and just leased a Lexus last week. If I really wanted a car that company sells I’d go to the next city an hour away. You don’t have to be as dramatic as we are, you could just use a different salesperson at the same dealership, but usually shitty treatment means shitty management.

If your credit is shaky they might need to see 4 pay stubs? My credit is great and I’ve never been asked for a paystub, so that’s all I can think of. Are you buying or leasing. I haven’t financed a car I’m buying in 20 years, so it might be different now. When I buy a house they usually ask for paystubs for the mortgage.

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My dealings with credit at a dealership have been with F & I person (Finance and Insurance) not the salesperson, get to the General Manager or owner.

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