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Have you ever stood naked in the moonlight? If so, where and when?

Asked by Jeruba (49773points) 1 month ago

Tell the truth, now.

Unless the truth is boring, in which case, please make up an answer.

Happy Summer Solstice, everybody.

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Well, yeah!

and let me note mosquitoes are a bitch!

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Yes. I was 17 and camping out with my boyfriend at the time.

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Not totally naked, but almost. In my bathrobe. When I was living alone in the summer in university in the 2000’s. I locked myself out and had to wait a couple of days for someone to let me in. It was awesome. Beautiful sights for stars and weather. I could have walked to the downtown and asked for help, but I didn’t have identification or money and nowhere to go, and I was in my bathrobe.

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Many times. I hate clothes. My friends and I would swim in the lake during camping trips every summer and fall.

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Ah, but did you ^^ just dash for the lake, or did you stand naked like a silvery goddess and just feel the cool moonlight on your entire body?

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No, never.
Have you?
Did your body resemble a flopped trifle?

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@Jeruba haha, I have zero body shame but not sure I struck the goddess level. :) Happy summer solstice.

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Ah, yes, so long ago on a solstice eve in Vermont, with a sort of half-assed witchy group of young women in the woods. There was singing, and some Boone’s Farm Apple wine, as I recall.
We were so sincere about everything.
And yes, some bugs.

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Back yard. Yes. A few weeks ago. Feels great.

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Not that I remember.

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Many times on the boat and few not on the boat.

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It seems it must have happened sometime that I stood while naked at night outdoors. In fact, I can swear to it, and more than once. It was a matter of standing to remove my and later restore my clothing. It had nothing to do with anything so poetic as the moonlight. I wouldn’t have noticed the moon had my name been written on it.

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I have. On the beach.

There is a place on the Edisto River, where I get naked too. But, that’s in the daytime. It’s a long stretch of the river, where it’s only like a foot deep. It’s uninhabited, cool water, with a nice breeze. It just feels right, in the hot summer. I anchor my canoe, and just walk around for a while…

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One time last summer, when I got up at 3 a.m., the dog was desperate to go out. I grabbed my clothes and took him outside. The temp was already a balmy 80 F. I got dressed as we walked, but I definitely was beyond the front porch when I was putting them on.

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Every time after a full moon, usually with countless disemboweled and dismembered corpses strewn about, with no recollection of how I or they got there.

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Last year, along Lake Huron.

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Several times. I will tell of one.
There was a golf course between the EM club, and the secluded base where I spent time with a man who was all stamina.
We both were naked on the green late night after the club closed. There was a half moon, and we both looked silver.
My body was in the best shape it had ever been. 36–25-35 and about 12% bf. My hair was dark brown, and came to about my waist. A summer breeze brushed it across my back and arms like the meandering trickle of a stream. It was slightly cool, and contrasted the heat of his body pressed to mine. A kiss swept us to an alternate world.
Crickets and frogs gossiped about us in the distance as we folded ourselves down onto the shorn grass.
Just before we dressed, I could have howled to the moon, were we not wedged between two military bases.

For mood

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Nice, @Patty_Melt.

You too, @ragingloli.

@All, in fact. Cool. Thanks.

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Yes a few times. One time in particular I stood on top a M60 Army tank.

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Grrrrrr, some! ^

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Patty, and Luke?..
I am voting “yes.”

Just saying….

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