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Care to join me in wishing all the Jelly Dads a Happy Father's Day?

Asked by janbb (56466points) 2 weeks ago

Enjoy your day, Dads, and hope you are able to be with you families in some way.

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Wishing all the goof dads a great Fathers Day.

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@KNOWITALL Cheers pet lol
My “kids” are 24 & 20 now, but still gift their “old man” every Father’s Day…this I appreciate more than they’ll know!

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@ucme I’d give almost anything to have a dad like you, buddy. Even for a day. :)

I’m sure my dad is surrounded with my sibs having a great day while I’m 10 minutes away pretending it doesn’t break my heart. It sucks.

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@KNOWITALL There’s a good girl lol

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Happy Fathers Day, Jelly dads!

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Happy Fathers day all you wonderful dads!

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I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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We had a good day. Stopped by my son’s house to drop a sack full of stuff off that the kids left when they stayed the night with us (at long last) on Friday. We took the dog. When the kids learned Cato was in the car they charged out the door. We were concerned they’d let him out, which would NOT have gone over will with their dog, Blue, so Rick went after them.
No worries. Cato was on one side of the back seat window, licking the window inside, and 5 year old Cooper was licking the window outside. Sigh.
Then we drove around a lake. We let Cato out in a secluded area and, after 20 minutes of coaxing, finally convinced him to put 2 toes in the water. SMH.
Then we got beef jerky and Chinese food and went to a park and had lunch, where we fed Cato beef jerky and Chinese food.
He was purely exhausted when we got home.
It was a pleasant day.

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Belated Father’s Day to all the Fluther dads!

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Yes. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads of which I am not one of. Which makes me wonder why there isn’t a bachelor/bachelorette’s day?
To all of you bachelors and bachelorettes, have a nice day!

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