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How many times have you proposed marrige? Or been proposed to?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17123points) 1 month ago

For me is twice that I proposed, and never been proposed to. Once when I was hallucinating from the flu and another as a jest. First was a no and the second was a yes. The second time I ran away fast and never saw her again.

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Just once.

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Never have I been proposed to & that’s a good thing. I reckon she’d get choked in my dust!

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I was proposed to three times.
For the first two, I acted like I didn’t understand English.
The third one, I married the hell out of him :D

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A few times but properly only once, and I accepted.

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I proposed to both my first and second wives. My current wife half jokingly proposed to me before I could find an engagement ring for her. She had gone to a bridal shower and the centerpieces had plastic wedding rings so she grabbed them. She showed me and asked if I wanted to get married. She laughed at the time but later told me she did it to get a feel for where I was at on the subject. She didn’t know i had already been ring shopping.

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One accepted- divorced her. Obvious mistake.

One rejected- and we’re still together. Go figure

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Just once. It bombed, which was a good thing!

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First one lasted 11 years ( too long in unhappy marriage, I divorced him)
Second one was happy for a short while then he took off after authorities came looking for him
( he apparently had 3 ex wives in other Provinces across Canada over a 16 year period…after 20 years saw a notice in the paper that he passed away on the other side of Canada and yet living with another women.( probably sponged off her too?)

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I’ve been proposed to twice and I married them both. First one only lasted seven years.(amicable divorce) Second one just celebrated twelve years.

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Four men propose.

The first two times, I was very young and completely uninterested. The third time, I accepted but quickly regretted having done so; that guy was all wrong for me, for so many reasons.

I’ve been married to #4 for 29 years.

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I proposed to two women. First one was just wanted to be friends with benefits. I’m still married to the second woman 30 years later.

One other woman proposed to me. She had a bad drinking problem. So sad.

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Like with a ring? Once. Just asking for me to marry them? Who knows, too many. It’s weird being a woman.

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