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If you plant an olive pit, how long until you have a tree that produces olives?

Asked by josie (30863points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

And that assumes environmental conditions are favorable

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Olives have been soaked in either Lye or Brine.

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Got it
I’ll ask about how they are processed next time :)

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You can, but it’s difficult. They have to come from olives picked straight from the tree, not olives that have been cured. You also have to treat the seed to make it more likely to germinate and even then, most probably won’t. Olive trees are usually grown from cuttings for this reason.

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Did you know that both green and black olives are the same?I did not The only difference is when they are picked. fun fact, right there Green olives are picked before ripe, while black olives are allowed to ripen on the tree.They’re at the top of the tree, I bet
If you ingest one, you will grow an olive tree in your stomach and that’s a recipe for a belly ache, by gum!

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Loved the video!
Also the Lion one too ( Ad).

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