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What insect repellent do you find the most effective?

Asked by janbb (56421points) 1 week ago

As some of you know, I have been fighting WW 3 with no see’ums for three years. I finally had the house treated yesterday so we’ll see if that does anything. In the meantime, I’m curious to hear which repellent you find the most effective and the least, er, repellent. Talking about no see’ums but also mosquitos and other biters.

Again, in General, please stick to the topic.

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I use Home Defense about 3 times a year. The entire interior and all around the exterior of my house. I hardly ever see a bug in the house.

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I make my own, which I have found to be more effective than DEET. If you want, I’ll tell you the recipe.

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1) my skin doesn’t react well to sprays and creams

2) Outdoors sprays (on the porch) tend to be briefly effective. – like 10–15 minutes max

3) Citronella candles seem to partly effective, but they smell good

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I’ve used Off and a repellent by Cutter. Both work for me. Off seems to work a bit better.

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I have heard nothing but rave reviews for Thermacell.

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Thermacells do good, but are a bit expensive. I set up my Dynatraps for the yards (front and back) and they do a great job. The initial investment can be pricey, but no continuing costs. For sprays, Repel100. In a previous job, we had to work in the fields and woods next to a marsh. The no see’ums and mosquitoes were ridiculous. We used the Thermacells and Repel100. Both worked well.

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I don’t use any. Apparently I developed an immunity to mosquitoes. Nothing else bugs me really.

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