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Whenever you're reading, do you use your finger as a guide & mostly look at the pictures?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 23rd, 2020

If the answer is no, please expand on that, show your education.

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Not since I was in grade school. I have a high school diploma, and 3 years of business and liberal arts education.
My medication occasionally interferes with my ability to read long texts.

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No, oneself personally may justly be portrayed as an unyielding advocate of the absorption of literary nourishment through the mental representation of the linguistic process (and prowess). The assemblage of cellular structure known as a protrusion of dactylous digit may perchance facilitate and generate a myriad of tantalizing endeavours, foremost “pointing”. To debase and exploit a tremendous appendage for the facile annihilation of writ is – at best – anencephalous. At worst, codswallop.

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No. I use two to run across the pages as I am a speedreader.

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I had to learn to look at documents, without photos, as paragraphs not words.
I’m a slow study.
It took a while.
Now I’m an expert!

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@longgone My sympathy, can’t be pleasant choking on a dictionary.

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I don’t use my finger. I do like pictures.

When I was a child I really missed the pictures when I started reading more grown-up books.

I’m not a good reader. I read slowly and if it’s more than a few pages it’s like homework.

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Most books I read don’t have pictures and I don’t use my fingers for anything except turning the pages. Well, at least when reading books.

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So far there are no pictures in my Kindle books.

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