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Where does it hurt? Physically, I mean.

Asked by Jeruba (49497points) 1 week ago

For me, right now: neck, left shoulder, left arm. Also hands, feet, back.

How about you? Let me sympathize.

If nothing hurts, no physical pain, don’t take that for granted. Pay attention and try to remember what it’s like. Someday you may get to enjoy the memory.

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“for me right now” Have you been injured? You make it sound as if these are transitory things, and I pray that’s the case.

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I run, this makes me a runner…who knew eh?
I am also 53yrs old & so you can bet there’s often times an injury, to some degree, reverberating around certain parts of my mechanical body.

Right now, my left knee & heel are, to use a colloquial phrase, playing up. That’s okay though, my general health & physical strength see me through the miles like a reliable uncle at Christmas.

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Lots of pain – lower back, down right leg, shoulders, neck. I have learned to live with the pain, but some days are worse than others.

@Jeruba: “If nothing hurts, no physical pain, don’t take that for granted. Pay attention and try to remember what it’s like. Someday you may get to enjoy the memory.”

Whenever I have hurt myself or started to experience chronic pain, I have always been shocked at how much I had taken not-pain for granted. I would think about how I would wake up for years prior to the pain and not be ecstatic for not having pain. But when pain arrives, it reminds you how much I have been taking my body for granted, and how much non-pain celebrations I should have been having.

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Both knees super bad arthritis, on a scale of 1–10 my knees are about an 8.5.

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Lower back.

I’m on my feet all night at work and use the mats they provide us for when we are slicing meats and cheese and preparing other food. Some of the kids I work with complain about the mats. I told them they would welcome them in about 20 years.

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We do tend to take things for granted, don’t we? I’ve had all sorts of pain issues forever, yet I am always surprised when something new hurts. I now figure that the use of brains and eyes and limbs, even if limited from time to time, is a good thing.

But lordy, a paper cut has me whining!!! :-)

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I have some smashed discs in my neck that I’ve been aggravating by leaning over a drafting table….but I got stuff done! WOO-HOO!
Stretching helps a bit but I’ve got a Chiro appointment in two days so that will help a lot.
I hope your pain subsides.

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Nothing does, but I’m young and it will probably change as I get older. It’s something I try not to take for granted.

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Recently, the tops of my hands hurt. It’s the veins. I think it’s from using my phone more, and I’ve been doing a lot of work on my laptop lately too.

My left shoulder and neck always hurt when I use my left arm a certain way, especially when exercising. It’s from an accident several years ago. If I strain the area or over use it I can be in constant pain. If I‘m very careful for a few days I can be out of pain again, and I am very grateful to be able to control it.

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It’d be easier to say, what doesn’t hurt. My head. Even though I have had multiple injuries there. I suppose, it’s because there aren’t many moving parts…
Although, I do have TMJ, so sometimes my jaw hurts…

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My neck and shoulders constantly hurt. Have for years due to arthritis and bursitis. It’s worse now since I can’t go to get acupuncture and massage (which helps a lot).

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Right upper arm muscles/tendon. Recent over use injury. Happened before. Have to back off the training intensity.

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3 broken ribs. Particularly when I sneeze.

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@Lightlyseared . I’ve had broken ribs before. It really sucks. Ever breath, and every time I tried to sleep, was agony.

Get well.

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Upper back and neck.

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