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Can a donor get back their transplant after the recipient dies?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) June 24th, 2020

Any organ.

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Well you did just fine without it for however long. I wouldn’t opt for surgery, and all the risks it entailes.

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A lot of the organ donations are from cadavers (dead people) like hearts, I don’t think they will want them back !

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Well in most cases the donor is dead, so there’s that…

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Ew! I would not want it back. If someone borrows my panties, I won’t want them back either. Some things are a one way trip.

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I would think of the recipient had it for a long time that if you got it back you would also need to take anti-rejection drugs.

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Sorry. I meant a living donor. Of an organ that one has more than one of. Like lungs and kidneys.

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