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Can we still buy Fluther goodies?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17006points) 2 weeks ago

Do they have XXL t-shirts and clothing for big and tall men?

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I tried connecting to the tee shirt website, it was a no go !

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The only link that I’ve found was for t-shirts, but it no longer works. I remember mugs being offered since I’ve joined, but I can’t find it now. So I don’t think they are still offered!!!

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This link will take you to some Fluther stuff. I found the ad on Fluther under the “General/Everything” tab then look on the right hand side just under the “Popular Topics”. It says “Get your Fluther goodies”.Hope this helps

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Mug $15.80 and 40% off this weekend!

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Over $30 for a t-shirt is a bit pricey to me, but @RedDeerGuy1 might want one bad enough to spring for it.

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For the right price I’ll sell you my old Fluther tee shirt.

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